FF – 11



I think I won’t be making an animatic as a whole, because animation is being done in stages on a regular basis. I block the shot out and pass it on, there is no time to block everything out straight away.

Here you can watch my previs, which unfortunately does not have all the sounds in but you can get the idea on how the dialogue will flow (although it’s still raw)


2D vignette

This is the design of the vignette for the 2D part of the animation. The initial idea was that it will change colour and some details with the seasons change but at the moment I think I won’t be using it and will make more graphic frames for each scene.




I must say that I am lucky to have NINE! people who decided to help me with my film. You are all live savers because my film is 5 minutes 15 seconds long and it would be impossible to make without you. For all interested in my rescuers here is the list with their blogs

1st years:



2nd years:








I am worrying that I won’t be able to manage this amount of people efficiently but 



Because my film is so long and I have sooo many people helping me I must say that creating this schedule was a real challenge, but it’s ready and some shots are already being taking cared of!



First renders

My first renders look soo good that I am finally excited about this film!

cutout day & night

cutout day

cutout night


the suitcase

suitcase inside

table set

table set


Even through I am still so far away from the end, now I really think I can do it



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FF- 7


Working on the shot list went quite smoothly, I got plenty of feedback from teachers and other students and am happy to say that in my opinion it can’t be better. Everything is clear, understandable and doable.

While working on the shot list I looked at many references about various shots and techniques to get a grip on what’s best for this film.

Wes Anderson in general

Special style of Wes Anderson (I wish my film story was a little bit weirder do I could do similar things but… not this time) appreciation for amazing tracking long shots. And a little inspiration to my Bandera’s scene.


Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

watch from 3:54

This is a great example on how much information you can give without actually doing much.


Harry Potter Saga (2001-2011)

watch from 0:21

Great example showing how change of colour can influence and suggest the outcome of the picture. Also this is a great inspiration for the crane-dolly shot at the end of the Bandera’s scene.

watch from 3:40

Inspiration for the smoke transition from the 2nd to in to the 3rd scene.

Also an inspiration concerning sound blending. I decided to extend one laugh from the end of the shot nr 5 to the beginning of shot nr 6 in the Love scene.

Perfect Blue (1997)

watch from 9:20

Examples of establishing shots for the home environment. It was very useful to see how little things can add to the character.


Empire of the Sun (1987)

Motive of the sun has been an inspiration for the big red sun in the Bandera’s scene.


Song of the Sea (2015)

watch from 2:24

Inspiration for the dream land environment. I will use watercolours and pastel shades to do it as well as simplified designs.



I believe that now I have finally managed to remember the names of various shots and  understand the differences between the 2D and 3D camera angles, for example.




big version here



a colour test for the first scene


Storyboard/animatic for the first scene

FF – 6

I needed a break from the whole script and shot tasks and I have decided to animate a little bit. This is the start/end scene of the flower blooming.

All inspired with “dream” scenes from Tekkonkinkreet (a film which made me want to do animation).

Making dreams and life goals come true. YAY



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FF – 5



New Script

Last Thursday on my way to the tutorial I had a vision (hahaha), no really. And since I was struggling with the structure of my film I have decided to give it a go. This version is much shorter and it involves my grandmother, her story, me, my mum and my dad. It is like a variation of how the real story recording happened.

I think that the vision was inspired by a student film I have seen a few days earlier, which is also about family and stories. It helped me understand that what I want to achieve the most with my film is the feeling of affinity.

Here is the video, so you can better understand what I mean (I HOPE SO)

It’s a really great piece!





Story Beats



Bullet Points



Now I just have to write down description for all of the shots and then a story board.



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FF – 3

What it’s Really About, The Script & Character Design

What It’s Really About

The story I’ve written down is about family bond, tieds to the land, surprising but not all that unexpected cruelty and kindness of the world, as well as feeling of continuity. When the audience will finish watching the film I want them to feel like the continuity has been disrupt, just like in life; someone took away the book they have been reading and they were really close to the end. I want this to wake up the need to go and ask their family about their life stories or at least go and give them a hug or a  simple phone call. I also want people to realise that most of us does live in better times than our ancestors and we should appreciate it. And at last, life is continuous an it will bloom.

The Script

As I nearly reached the final outcome for my script and so I have decided to share it on the blog.

I have consulted with many people, I’ve received various feedback and I do realise that to some the story might seem to be too long. But I would like to assure you that I have worked really hard on putting it all together and there is nothing left in it that I don’t find necessary. I have spent last 3 days hating my idea and was very close to completely dropping it and thanks to this I had a new look at it and now I am convinced that it can be good and I can really pull this off.

The way the script and the story goes is far from being conventional 3 act structure but this is what I was going for. I don’t really like typical act scenarios because most of the time they are very easy to figure out, and life is not (well except being born, living and dying…). My film is about life of few people and in my opinion it is only fair to not show it in a conventional way. I did my research in the subject and I am still standing with my idea. The story does not follow the scheme and I don’t want it to.

Christopher Vogler –  “The Hero’s Journey”



What I am going to do next is write bullet points for each scene and from there I will try to rewrite the script once again, cleaning up the action and adding the actual plan for shots.

Character Design

At the moment I only have designs for 2 of my characters, but I am happy to say that I am 99% sure they are final. This time my characters are actual humans.

I have decided on fairly simple designs with Ukrainian folk clothes. I also tried to implement in the facial designs some features which I took from real characters.



I decided on the red hair band to make the character stand recognisable as she grows.



Red belt for recognition while the character grows.



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