Pixilation Finito

We have finished our film!


Pixilation project – group work

I was asked to say something about work in my group.

Well its not bad but I am sure it could be better. I dont think that it really matters because in the end not only it is our first project at the uni, but also it is our first project in goups and people dont know each other.

Our group isnt perfect – we have got troubles with comunicating but in the end we manage to solve the problems

Our organization is horrible but we still manage to put everything together.

It was very difficult but we almost finished shooting now, so I gues we don’t suck that much (well we will find out soon).

Here is the first piece we shot for our film


Pixilation project

Using the pixilation technique and the idea of the “stop trick” where a movie camera can be paused between frames and one object can be replaced by another. In group of three come up with a story that answers the brief: What happens if everything you touch becomes something else?

12 frames a second, 360 separate images, 30 seconds

After a short brain storm we decided to go with idea about magical notebooks that trap people inside as drawings when they are touched by it. So our main character sneaks through a building full of other magical notebook owners, trapping them in his notebook like its a competition. He is very mischievous and self confident.

I made at home this little cat drawing to play with camera