Critical Manga project IV

Work in progress

First I made sketches to visualise chosen pieces from the text I have written.



Then I realized that I can’t draw all of them, because the comic is supposed to be approximately 4 pages, A4 with 800 words in it and all those images won’t fit in there. Also, after a while I thought that they aren’t really neccesary. So I have chosen the ones I found most important:

1.Young Władysław with his grandmother greving

2. Young Władysław fascinated with nature

3.  Beetles fight

4. Beetle cut in to pieces

5. Starewicz as a beetle

6. Starewicz and his family arriving in Moscow to meet with Hanżonkow

7. Newspaper

8. Analog camera view on to film

9. Map

10. Frog King

11. Meeting of the Fantastic Mr. Fox with Starewicz’s Fox

12. Flower

13. Starewicz with his daughters after his wife died

14. Starewicz’s gravestone


First view of drawings


Work is going well but I’m being lazy ’cause Christmas break….


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