The Line project III

It is going slowly. I was wondering what to do about ending the story. The project task says that the character has to overcome the obstacle and I wanted to do that… but it seems like it’s funnier when he fails! Well, Andy says that he can fail. So he does.

After the story was 100% finished and I had made all the pieces of the background move, I met with big trouble. TVPaint wasnt good for what I wanted to do with my character. I tried and it just wasn’t possible to make it move the correct way and there was no time to waste. In the and I had to use different software for Muggy (Anime Studio Pro). I had to learn how to do everything very fast. Some things were much more difficult than others but I now feel like I know more about Anime studio than TVPaint at the moment.




Here is a little sample of the day and night shift

List for the sounds


First storyboards



To be honest, I didnt have any trouble with knowing how to show something to the audience for them to understand what was going on. I do, however, wish that I was given more time than 30 seconds… I had many problems with HOW to make something with the software. Well it really was a long, hard fight.


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