The Line project III

It is ready!


The project is finally ready and I am actually really happy with it!

What I would change

If I could do it again:

a) It wouldn’t take as long, as I now know the software

b) I would add some sound for muggys “walk”cycle

c) I would find a way to change the look of the waves inside Muggy

d) I would make the fish swim smoothly and look more flexible but I think that at the moment, it has it’s charms.

e)If I had more than 30 seconds, I would give the audience more time to have a look at what is on the other side of the waterpond

f) I would add seaweed and other stuff to the water pond

g) I would add some stars to the night sky and make the night last longer

h) I would give the piranhas eyes (I had forgotten about them!)

i) If I had more than 30 seconds, I would like muggy to squirt the water out from his mouth like a fountain, also I’d make the fish bite him and flap around on the ground afterwards.

j) Next time I’ll try to record my own sounds.

Other than this, I wouldnt change anything. Im happy with the sounds, happy with the character movement and the look of the animtion.

I have learned that if you want to make a 30 second animation, it should be really simple. And that using varied programs can really open up possibilities. Using them in conjunction with eachother, you can make something really cool.

I think I’m getting better with time, organisation and writing the blog.



All of the sounds in this animation come from




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