Can You Sit Still project V

Research I

The goal of this project is to make an animation that will get to 6-8 year old children. It required deeper research because the audience is specified. Because of this, I decided to look at what is appropriate for a kid of this age. Most of the information I got, in regards to age-specific materials, I found here. You can find some of the intformation here.

The rest of the information, I got from specialist videos like this

Then I found more funny stuff

And I ended up with this…

What I found out and it’s important:

Remember not to have any metal objects with you

It is really important to lay still

You can communicate with the radiographer while inside the MRI scanner

The staff will give you headphones because the MRI scanner can be really noisy

The whole thing is about finding out how you look inside so doctors can try and fix you

Good idea to try and make it funny

…Don’t show burning bodies!

I decided to add something that I think is really important

I want to try not to use any words that can make you think about bad things.

I don’t want to use sentences like “You shouldn’t be scared of an MRI scan”

Words like scared, procedure, machine are forbidden, not acceptable is also using “not” or “don’t.”

Why all this hustle? Because we want to be as friendly as its possible, and kids are understandably already scared before an MRI scan.


How We Rate and Review by Age: 8 Years | Common Sense Media. 2016. How We Rate and Review by Age: 8 Years | Common Sense Media. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 19 February 2016].


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