Cool stuff from Andy

Walter Lantz

Oswald Rabbit

Lantz started his adventure with Oswald Rabbit in 1929

then made this in 1930

and this in 1934

then 1936. What happened to Oswald???

After Oswald lost the popularity Lantz and his team tired new things

Meany Miny and Moe

Baby-Face Mouse

Snuffy Skunk

And Andy Panda which became popular in 1939-1940

cant find this one in english…

but I found later one in english

Woody Woodpecker

started in 1940

first he appeared in Andy Panda

Early version of Woody Woodpecker is absolutely mental

After Mel Blanc(voice actor used for Woody)resigned, the role was offered to Ben Hardaway and after his death his place took Lantz’s wife Grace.

Walt Lantz died from heart failure in 1994 aged 94.

It’s really good he didn’t live to see this…


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