Critical Manga project IV

It’s here

Finally finished, I can’t believe it


It was much more difficult than I expected.

I need to practice more on planning where and what should be. I had a huge problem with that. I tried to draw it but it appeared that I cant to it this way, so I ended up spending hours moving stuff in Photoshop to find the right position for everything.

I like the effect that the old newspaper font gives to the comic, it suits it well, creating an illusion of the 1920’s newspaper

I think the use of the wallpaper/canvas texture was a good choice. It helped to create feeling of the ‘oldness’.

I used picture hangers and nails to create the feeling (first was the imitation of the newspaper) of an old house.

Sticking the drawings in to the picture frames seemed to be a better solution than just having them pointlessly floating in the background. Mainly because everything just seems to be in the right place.

Black and white solution. Most of the things about Władysław Starewicz and what he made is in B&W. The whole time he lived was like it. I thought it can’t be any other way, ’cause that is what he left us.

Black and white to colour transition. In the beginning I wanted to start the coloured part of the comic with the picture of “Fern flower” and then I found the information about Wes Anderson’s inspiration of “The Tale of the Fox” and creating “Fantastic Mr. Fox”. Little coincidence that “The Tale of the Fox” happened just before so it was the perfect moment to show this colour transformation.

The fact that only “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is in real bright colours and the next three pictures are a bit faded is because Mr.Fox is from XXI century so of course it will be much brighter than the first coloured films.

The title. The soul of the beetle. Władysław’s journey with film started just because he really wanted to film live beetles fighting over a woman and it realy wasn’t possible at the time. Maybe if he could have done it, the whole concept of the puppet would not appear for another 50 or more years. So to me, he has The soul of the beetle, and I can’t think of a more apt title.

Comic was made in Manga Studio and then edited in Photoshop. Took me way too long, but I never actually made a proper comic like that.







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