Can You Sit Still project V


Dr Bear

Some of the shapes I tried before. I went with the top one. The bun was easy to make because he is just a ball with ears but the bear, he had to have a nice circular shape.

Why I made my doctor a bear

Bear Duggee. It’s a great character design. It’s design is really simple which I find very useful for this project, it’s lovable, adorable and cute I don’t think I need to explain why.

A bear has to be fat and all the kids know this fact!

Winnie the Pooh, universally loved little bear. It’s cute, it’s a little bit stupid but caring and very believable

But the colours come from this one, my favourite… Russian Winnie the Pooh (personally, I think he is much funnier)

The rest of the inspirations


Another bear which I think of in regards to animation is Koda from My Brother Bear – cute lovable, nice with good colours.


A standard teddy bear – I dont know any kid that would not want to have one


and a doctor bear, I know it is popular in some countries to use teddy bears in the doctors outfit to help children go through medical treatment.

Bun the Bunny

Ill bunny

Healthy cute bunny

The main inspiration for this character was none other than my bun, Pinat.


His personality is really bipolar. Usually, he is a nice, cute little bunny and all the stuff and fluff, but from time to time he tries to conquer the wold with his razor-sharp teeth….

When he is in his berserk mode, he makes loads of weird growling noises and he is pretty shaky.

Other inspirations


Idea of the sharp contours for the angry bun came from here


this one is just cute and I like the colours


…basically, a ball with ears! This is what I was looking for!

In the end I decided not to give my bun any limbs, I find him much prettier without them.

Here is proof that bunnies want to be a ball



Radiographer’s shape was pretty easy to create, I just slightly transformed Dr Bear’s body. In the beginning I wanted it to be more like Akita Inu

but when I made the body ginger I realized it looks more like a fox


I didn’t want the radiographer to be a fox because even though I love them, most of the childrens stories are about foxes that are cheeky. I thought that it has to be a dog because people trust them (after all they call dogs, mans best friend). I wanted to use Akita Inu, just because I like them but if I couldn’t use that, I wondered about other trusted breeds. I thought of two, Golden Retriever and Labrador. Quite lucky as they look so similar. So this is where the main colour came from. I decided to add darker spots because I had a feeling that just one beige colour wouldn’t look very good, also the tail would blend in with the body.

Dog dressed as a Doctor or vet - isolated over white background


Doctor’s roomroom background

MRI scanner roommri room

MRI scanner top + drawMRI TOP

The inspiration for Dr Bear’s room came from my idea of how a typical doctor’s cabinet would look like. It needs dark, wooden furniture and dyplomas on the wall. I actually had a version with pictures on the wall but it looked too messy so I decided to get rid of them.


The colours came from my family doctor’s office in Poland. I always thought that it looks extremely friendly as for the fact that it was a DOCTOR’S cabinet….

I decided on a floral pattern on the walls because all of the characters in my animation are animals, and most of it is happenning in this room. I wanted it to be friendly and I wanted to make the illusion that it’s completely normal to have animal doctors and staff(stuff). The red lines on the floor are supposed to simulate flower roots but actually they really make me think of the top coat on a cactus ice cream…. it is one of my favourite things….

MRI scanner

I wanted it to be simple, clear and clean looking. To intensify the feeling of importancy of the place and all the rules you need to follow in there.


The Radiographer’s room

In the beginning I had the idea to make Dr Bear speak from the radiographer’s room but I didn’t like how the computers would look, and placing all three characters in one small room didn’t seem like a good idea because of the size of the room, so I just decided to leave the idea.


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