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5 elements:

-settings and props

-costume hair and makeup

-facial expressions and body language

-lightning and colour

-positioning of characters and objects within a frame



Can You Sit Still project V


I am really behind the deadline. I apologise but I had some live isues and I just couldn’t put the things together. Fortunately, it’s okay now and I hope it will never happen again…

I am vaguely happy with this project.

I am glad it is done, I am happy with the music, I think it fits well, it’s cheerful. I like the look of my characters. I am happy with the colourful transitions between shots I made. I really like the transformation of the ill bunny into the healthy bunny, I followed a tutorial to make some random particles floating in the space and from that, I managed to create those nice little sparkles (I am pretty impressed with myself), but the rest…


Genuine movement and how entertaining it is: I think its boring, the bear is just stood there talking for way too long, its not very interesting.

Bun the bunny spitting out the hammer: its happening too fast, I should have moved the camera in on it or find a different way to solve it.

Bunny’s turn on the MRI scanner, it doesn’t look very good and it looks unrealistic, even robotic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t spend any more time on it.

Sound synchronisation. I really don’t know why the sound is out. It is really getting on my nerves. I spent alot of time trying to make it perfect. I just looked at it again and its way too early. It might be the fact that when I was putting all the things together in Adobe Premiere, it glitched really badly and I couldn’t really see anything properly… I probably should have done it using a university computer.

The voice doesn’t fit at all, I am aware of that. I had a different better one but it had many mistakes, we tried to rerecord bad parts but it didn’t work so I had to use something…


The impression in total

I think the animation is not bad at all, especially if you look at some things that are posted on Youtube….

My mum showed it to her young students (she is a piano teacher) and the response was pretty good. But they werent going to actually have an MRI scan, so I can’t really say if it worked. The kids liked the healthy bunny, especially.


Working in After Effects. I cant say that I enjoyed it… In a way, it’s easy but I really dont think it’s good software to use for animation. After using Anime Studio Pro, I felt a bit restricted in what I could do. And it also kept crashing on me…


giphy (1)

After Effects is the panda…

I am planning to make an animation on the side using After Effects just so I could feel more comfortable with the software because I do realise that it is widely used.

bunnies are cute




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Can You Sit Still project V

Little bits and pieces

Dr Bear skeleton, I wanted to make a jar of honey inside his belly but then I realised that he doesnt really have much to do with Winnie the pooh….


Bun the Bunny’s x ray/mri photo

bun xray

I am really happy with it. It makes me think of day of the dead

bond muertos

Bun the Bunny spitting out the hammerhammer

Bun the Bunny with headphones


Creepy eye glitch creemy-eye_00000

A horrible crash which happened to me… I had to manually replace every single part of the body of each character…. I have no idea what happened or why.try_00000

Some sketches and other things I forgot to post earlier

Mouth shapes which I made before I started creating Dr Bear’s mouth shapes

nowy folder019

first sketches and triesnowy folder030

the “script”…nowy folder009

things to draw for the animationnowy folder010Cute bear again… because it’s cute…

nowy folder0301

Actual storyboard…. The first one has been eaten by Pinat [my rabbit]… he also tried to eat other things (see above)


I recorded dialogue and some sounds on my own but the rest is from

After unfair and really long fight with after effects I had to start making my animation again in a different program (Anime studio pro), half way through the time I got given because we couldn’t figure out how to make some things work and a deadline is a deadline. In the end, its not like I don’t know how to use After Effects, there simply was no time for getting stuck…..


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