Can You Sit Still project V


I am really behind the deadline. I apologise but I had some live isues and I just couldn’t put the things together. Fortunately, it’s okay now and I hope it will never happen again…

I am vaguely happy with this project.

I am glad it is done, I am happy with the music, I think it fits well, it’s cheerful. I like the look of my characters. I am happy with the colourful transitions between shots I made. I really like the transformation of the ill bunny into the healthy bunny, I followed a tutorial to make some random particles floating in the space and from that, I managed to create those nice little sparkles (I am pretty impressed with myself), but the rest…


Genuine movement and how entertaining it is: I think its boring, the bear is just stood there talking for way too long, its not very interesting.

Bun the bunny spitting out the hammer: its happening too fast, I should have moved the camera in on it or find a different way to solve it.

Bunny’s turn on the MRI scanner, it doesn’t look very good and it looks unrealistic, even robotic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t spend any more time on it.

Sound synchronisation. I really don’t know why the sound is out. It is really getting on my nerves. I spent alot of time trying to make it perfect. I just looked at it again and its way too early. It might be the fact that when I was putting all the things together in Adobe Premiere, it glitched really badly and I couldn’t really see anything properly… I probably should have done it using a university computer.

The voice doesn’t fit at all, I am aware of that. I had a different better one but it had many mistakes, we tried to rerecord bad parts but it didn’t work so I had to use something…


The impression in total

I think the animation is not bad at all, especially if you look at some things that are posted on Youtube….

My mum showed it to her young students (she is a piano teacher) and the response was pretty good. But they werent going to actually have an MRI scan, so I can’t really say if it worked. The kids liked the healthy bunny, especially.


Working in After Effects. I cant say that I enjoyed it… In a way, it’s easy but I really dont think it’s good software to use for animation. After using Anime Studio Pro, I felt a bit restricted in what I could do. And it also kept crashing on me…


giphy (1)

After Effects is the panda…

I am planning to make an animation on the side using After Effects just so I could feel more comfortable with the software because I do realise that it is widely used.

bunnies are cute




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