ALTER EGO project VI




to be honest I have completely no knowledge about 3d. It’s just like black magic to me. I am sooo excited wow wow


giphy (9)

Along with this brief, we also have another one going, project ORIGINS (see tags on the right for ORIGINS). Because this one is about creating a character and it’s back story, I have decided to make my life easier and connect those two projects.

In the project Alter ego I am going to make a lair for the character created for the brief Origins.

My idea, once again has something to do with cats… well I guess there is no way for me to hide that I love them a lot…

My characters name is Alisa and she is a human. Actually, no. She is a human sometimes, other times she is a cat, or cat-human. You could say ‘oh another cat woman thing…’ well yes and no. I was always so dissapointed with the creation of cat woman. Alisa pretends to be a human, she works in a big corporation doing something boring (I haven’t decided what, yet) and her house is very modern, cold & boring. She seems to be like her house. Both of them have a secret. In the hidden basement you can find one large room with grandma-like wallpaper: fluffy carpet, cosy chairs, mattress and hundreds of pillows. It has a large aquarium because all cats like to look at fish (some of them not only like to look) and a fireplace because all cats love to be warm. The room is also filled with cat toys, books & DVDs, there is a projection on one of the walls. But the most important is the fact that one of the little basement windows is always open so every cat in need could come by.

Alisa’s sidekick is an ordinary looking cat named Moo, but he’s not ordinary at all. He lives longer than any other cat, he is more like a human that has changed into a cat (think of Salem from Sabrina the teenage witch). I want to show how the house looks from his perspective.




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