ALTER EGO project VI

Maya, Maya, Maya… what a great program you are ! But honestly, sometimes you make me wanna poke my eyes out….

giphy (17)

I really feel like I have watched every existing tutorial on the whole internet…. and I know things! I know how to make stuff! But I have no idea why sometimes nothing works, even when you follow a damn tutorial, step by step, like six times!!

giphy (12)


BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER – don’t make separate scenes for everything you want in your film if you plan on importing it to the main scene IF YOU ARE USING A STUDENT VERSION OF MAYA! It will make you click ACCEPT for every single imported scene when you try to open it or save it… also, things would move around or change size or both OR EVEN DISAPPEAR after saving the main scene, closing it and reopening again…

Another thing

I brought my laptop, thinking of working with Maya and guess what! MENTAL RAY DOESN’T WORK ON IT ‘CAUSE… SOME ANNOYING ERROR!..

giphy (3)


In the end, I really like working in Maya. I found, surprisingly, that it’s almost like playing The Sims… you know, when you build houses and decorate them. I always thought that it would be cool if you could create your own stuff in it and voila, Maya lets you!

In the beginning, it seemed terribly difficult but after a few of Andy’s lectures and a few more tutorials it was like walk in the park.

giphy (14)

Here are some notes I made on the lectures (I had more but I remembered everything from them and now I have no idea what happened to them…)

Improving working with Maya.

When I first started building stuff, I would made it in a weird, complicated way (THAT WASN’T EVEN LOGICAL) and then I sort of cracked and everything seemed so obvious and easy. Even though I know that I have gotten better, I do realise that most of the things I built for this project are still too complicated and inefficient but I will get there in the end. After all, the aquarium I built had 3 times as many plants in it than it has at the moment but it just killed the computer so I had to delete it, also I WANT TO HAVE FLUFFY HAIRY CARPETS AND MANY SHINY AND REFLECTIVE SURFACES. I know that in order to get what I want, I need to find a better way to build stuff.



Now it’s time to show what my work looks like


zxvsBez tytułua

Unfortunately, most of the textures are not visible because of the mental ray, which doesn’t work on my laptop… (so I couldn’t really see how most of the things would look).

I also have more objects ready but I dont want to show everything yet.


I also had trouble with creating fire in my main scene. First, I created it in a separate layer just to see if it would work. IT WAS FINE. Then, I made it again in my main scene and, of course, nothing happened… There was no fire at all… After re-doing it many times, it finally worked but I hadn’t done anything differently so I really dont understand the problem.

Other than this, everything is going well I think I should make it in time.



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