ALTER EGO project VI


I am proud and… not, at the same time…

giphy (18)

This was my first 3D, ever

I really didn’t know that rendering takes soooooo long… I mean yeah, people tell you this but I gues you don’t really feel it until it happens to you…

giphy (16)

I am really unhappy that I didn’t make it in time. And it’s not that I started working on it two or more weeks after I should have. I was working on it from the beginning… I started building things right after our Dr Seuss lamp lecture and I was working on it all the time…. I think, maybe, I just wanted too much, or at least too much for my first 3D project… and I expected too much from my laptop.

I really hope that my next 3D will be GLORIOUS!

Now about the video

I hate the camera, it is so bad, so robotic… (but I think the moment with jumping of the bed is good) I’ll be sure to find a way of doing something to it so it actually looks alive next time. Also, I need to figure out creating a path for the camera.

Shiny things! – I love my shiny things! Especially the bath tub ❤ I am also pretty happy with the colourful vase in the living room, I think it looks really… ‘glassy’ .

I think the texture I have used on the sofa is great, I added a little bump to it and it looks really realistic. The same with the wall tiles in the bathroom.

Shiny on the stairs… I think the stairs are too shiny… I wanted them to be highly glossy black but it came out looking like a mirror, which could make the audience confused as the ceiling is reflecting in it and it looks weird.

I am happy with the kitchen cupboards, I like the little sparkles in the texture and it’s reflectivity. But I wish that we could see the reflection of the actual character in them.

Bedroom furniture – I love it. It was actually inspired by the first and only piece of furniture I got when I came to England (actually it was bought for me as a present)

My cute one draw thing called Antonina


The view behind the window – I like it, I just dont know why it decided to get bright, like it’s day time for a few seconds and then goes back to normal… I really don’t know….


I like how the aquarium looks – it looks realistic. When I look at it, it makes me think that the person who lives there should buy those fish that suck to the side of aquariums and clean them…

I am also proud of the the table that the aquarium stands on, it actually looks like it’s made of real wood!

The chairs – the chairs look cosy enough to me, and I somehow managed to apply the texture to it properly (dunno how haha)

Pillows are cool, just like pillows – I didn’t use the nCloth on them, I just manually made them, but I did use nCloth for the blanket one on the bed in the bedroom.

Some pillows decided to start floating above the ground, this is not how I designed it, don’t know why it is happening….

giphy (10)

WHY FIRE IS VISIBLE IN THE FIRST PART OF THE BASEMENT VIDEO BUT IT VANISHED IN THE SECOND PART?? Maybe someone knows… but it’s not me. I dont know. I tried to fix it but it just wouldn’t work. I even tried to make a new one but that didn’t work either. I don’t understand this. It just happened.

giphy (22)

The projection. After I had to cut the scene into 4 pieces, I totally forgot to change the settings on the projection, that’s why there is a really wobbly transition on the video… If the project was in one piece, the moment when the camera gets to the projection, there would be the correct piece of the film on it, but because I had forgotten about it, the part that was shown was near the beginning of the film so I had to change it afterwards….

Timing – I don’t think that 1 minute was enough time to show what I wanted to show in this house. What was really important in the basement was the books and films all over the place along with the cat toys and cat bowls. I also wanted to have cats lying all over the room. I wanted the basement to be very different, very cat friendly. Warm and cosy and furry, with an interesting aquarium full of fish and good stories to watch on the projector or to read. Unfortunately, I didnt have enough time to show this.

The music I have chosen is a cover I recorded long time ago (and the video on the projector is the video I made for the cover) and it just seemed right to use. The video has a cat in it, so it obviously fits in with the room and the song itself seemed right.

giphy (20)

Blinking… I had to use blinking because of the horrible camera… I thought that I’d onl have to use it only for the transition between rooms but then I found out that the camera is just evil and I had to patch it up somehow…

giphy (21)


I set every scene on different PCs to render overnight. When I came back, I found that both parts of the basement had rendered black, the ground floor finished and was okay and that the 1st floor managed to go through 40%…

I fixed the problem with the basement (for some reason the lights were off…) and it finished rendering before the univerity was about to close.

The 1st floor… I really don’t understand what was sooo heavy in this floor that it took so much time to render… I somehow managed to finish it before the university closed for Easter break but I was rendering it on all of the computers in 108 at the same time, running around and changing frames from PC to PC and selecting which PC I want to start rendering at which time…


giphy (11)

Many thanks to Maria for helping me to log in to all the PCs and turn the rendering on because I wouldn’t make it otherwise… ❤

Even though I didn’t achieve exactly what I wanted, I think that the lair I made redeems the goal.



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