I started with watching references from the brief, and I can’t stop being surprised. How much you can do with just a font! AMAZING!


This one is really simple. Kept in black&white, one clear font, words simply sliding in to their place, rhythmical,simple camera movement, more important words articulated with bigger font size. Nothing fancy really, but it fits perfectly. While the words appear on the screen they are slowly creating one big word ‘language’ which we can see at the end, it is a great idea because the whole speech is about language.


This video has not only typography but also drawings. I think it is good to do something like that if you are trying to sell a product to someone or if you are trying to make your students more interested in the boring subject that they have to learn about. It does it’s job but I don’t think it is applicable to our brief. Even though some of the words appear in speech bubbles or have a different colour they don’t really stand out.I guess hand writing technique could be useful If I wanted to be the only person speaking in my project. Or maybe if I was telling a story.


This is the last example from the brief and I liked it very much. It is dramatic, funny, and it feels really familiar. I think that the background perfectly expresses the void of the phone line and the noisy silence that you can here when nobody is on the other side. The words just pop out out of nowhere just like the words on the phone cause you cant see the other person mouth. The colours are well chosen. Mother should be green because she will love you anyway and she should be calm. Red colour for Sarah because ‘it’s all her fault’. Purple for Darren because main character is on the edge with him.Blue for Victoria cause she is a side problem really.White colour for the main character is good because he is the most important, and its the best on the black background, orange was a good choice to show Phils anger because red was already taken and he also didn’t seem to be that bothered. The fact that the font often says the ACTUAL truth instead of the lies we can hear, is humorous and fresh, also it brings the feeling that we know how it is.

The pieces in between phone calls looking like the ends of the old camera film, also a good choice, makes me think of the end of something but I don’t know how does it work on people who have never seen an old analogue camera film…)


I really like the last film and I will try to go that way.

I have this idea about recording job interview. I have to think more about it.



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