The idea of job interview happened to recorded a few times. But it also happens that the idea of a funny job interview was recorded by a few amazing artists, those examples don’t have much to do with typography but they helped me get in the right place to start writing my script.






I really like the idea of recording a job interview, I guess many of us had the pleasure of going through this nightmare – fake smiles, gigantic self-esteem, pretty sentences, and all the little lies about how inhuman we are.



Now lets go back to typography.

Someone has put a lot of effort to make this video interesting without actually making anything fancy. Anyone who saw FIGHT CLUB would say that this video presents the climate very accurate. Good colours, good letters.

In this video everything seems very twitchy and glitchy, rushed, violent even. Also the music is very disturbing. It has really strong message to give and it does it’s job.

I find this video very useful. I like the idea of connecting letters with the meaning of particular words or the way they have been said. I might be able to do something like this with my project.

I like the idea of using simple drawings from time to time and I might try to find a place for it in my video. In this video again I like giving words the nature of its meaning, e.g when NOSE is getting bigger it makes me of the moment when nostrils are getting wider, and the easy HEART disappearing and appearing in the rhythm.





. 2016. . [ONLINE] Available at: https://media.giphy.com/media/6ZwZR6KLQ1LXy/giphy.gif. [Accessed 19 April 2016].


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