The script.

I decided to stick with the idea of the phone call which is a invitation to the job interview. This is very fresh case to me because it happened to me a few days ago, so I’m in the zone.

I want to record a ordinary conversation in I AM SO NICE AND AMAZING style and make a typography animation that reveals the true thoughts.

I decided to go away a bit from this reference which I am choosing to be my guide.

I am planning my thoughts not to be different from the words just with a few signs. I want to have a whole different thoughts. like when you pretend that you are listening to someone and say yes or now or whatever you say but really you are just thinking what are you gonna have for dinner.


Sound recording

Me and Maria went to the sound-boot to record our dialogues.

It was hilarious. We spend in there about an hour and most of it was laughing and not being able to say anything.

I loved it.

Main script


Guiding Maria

I gave Maria the script but I didn’t expect her to exactly follow what is written on it. I wanted the conversation to feel real. In the end everyone has a different way of expressing themselves and I believed in her ability to do so.

I was right she did great and I think I did great as well. Obviously we have natural talent in being fake, plastic and annoying.

The script part II.

Because I didn’t have much time to prepare the script before recording, I had only the talking part ready. I think it was actually a good thing. Thanks to this I had a possibility to listen to the recording and thinking of suitable thoughts.

The second part of the script changed a lot. I ended up with two. First one was very depressing and the second was very silly. To keep the golden mean I just blended them together.




thinking fun


end script

Playing with sound

Because my idea is just a phone call it was really easy to do. All the special sounds in the audio come from https://www.freesound.org/

The tutorial I used to make the phone call effect

Now its time to animate!


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