Its ready!

To start with I don’t know why is there some sort of weird line in the middle of the screen. There was nothing like this on my computer…

The sound

Nothing more nothing less. In my opinion sound is very good. Everything is understandable, there is a phone silence noise and everything has the right timing loudness an meaning.


I should explain why everything is different. On the beginning I wanted to stick with very uniform design. But soon I realised that it is really boring and my conversation is not short, this is when I decided to make a mishmash and try to use different technique for every sentence. In order to make the video less messy I decided to assign one chosen font for a person, and tired to stick to the colours unless it was necessary to change it.

The fonts

I used Adamas-regular for Eve in light blue colour because she is very sad really and her existence is very unstable.

For Sharon I used Castellar-regular in light violet colour, I choose this font beacue it’s elegan so it suits a representant of the company and the shade because this character really makes me think of one girl who’s name is also Sharon and that’s her favourite colour. Also I thought that it will fit because it is neutral.

The blob

The idea was that the blob suppose to suggest the phone signal travelling through the phone lines. I’m not sure if it’s clear thought… But I was really happy when I made it. It’s such a nice bloby blob…


I have asked a group of people to look at my video and give me a feedback. This evaluation is a mixture of the things I think and also what I was told that it’s not right. Some things I can’t see but I guess I wouldn’t because I spend a lot of time staring at it and everything seems obvious enough to me…

I think that one of the things that are wrong is the speed of everything. Because there are thoughts of two persons and those thoughts are very different to the speech the video becomes to chaotic. I probably should have sticked to one person.

Some parts of the sentences disappear way to fast and they are impossible to read.

The fonts I have chosen weren’t a good choice in the end. They seem to be hard to read.

Some people laughed at sausage jokes, some found them horrible.

Most of the people said that even thought its hard to concentrate on everything it does bring out the message.

The blob was understood by a few but most of them wasn’t really bothered about it’s meaning.

Some people liked the ‘cheap arcade look’ of the specific pieces, and some did’t know If that was on purpose…

The judgement on the sound was even. It came across as very plastic and stressful, so goal achieved.

Other than this (what is actually really important…) I think that the way that sizes and colours change helps to express the feelings pretty well. Also I am quite proud of some of the effects I managed to make like the ice <3, I think that the moment when the big white LIES appears on the red background is quite good looking and suitable. I wanted to make things batter so much that I ended up making it worse…

I do realise that the final look is far from perfect, but this was a quick exercise and there was no time to fix things, definitely no time to write the script again and rerecord it (I was considering this…). It definitely shows that I have learned a lot about kinetic typography and using after effects. I start to feel really comfortable in this software. I promise the next thing I’ll make in it will be AWESOME.


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