Zombie vs Robot project X


Shaun of the Dead (2004) directed by Edgar Wright

This film is not a typical zombie horror movie. Actually the only horror thing about it, is the theme. It belongs to this new wave of funny zombie features. Even thought its is not conventional story for the zombie idea the story itself is very typical. A looser and his friend (also a looser) have a looser life and are trying hard to make it better. There is the metamorphosis and hero moment, someone important dies but in the end everything turns out to be perfect. Moments in between filled with zombies.

The vision of zombie

Typical freshly turned zombies. No rotting skin, bodies don’t fall apart, no bowels dragging. They are a bit whiter than normal people, their irises are white, most of them with blood all over their mouths and hands. They are dumb, slow and react to fast movement and loud noises.

I don’t find this type good for this project thus you wouldn’t be really able to see that the arm belongs to a zombie. Except that it would be alive…

The Goon

This comic book based animated feature still wasn’t release. The Blur Studio and Dark Horse Entertainment said on the kickstarter that it’s because you won’t find in it dancing animals so craved by hollywood.

The comic book written by Eric Powell was released in 1995 and its still going.

Plot. Funny but violent story about two guys fighting zombies, ghosts, mutants, and other supernatural freaks. Can’t really say more thus I didn’t read the comic, but I definitely will over the summer.

The vision of zombie

This zombie is definitely very long gone. So much green it makes me think of…

Again body doesn’t fall apart but it also seems like it’s much stronger than humans, and flexible. BUT IT’S NOT BULLET PROOF. Again seems to be very dumb and slow. It’s skin is really tightly wrapped around the bones and muscles. At this point I’m not sure if this is actually a zombie, I would call it a ghoul.

Even thought in this reference zombie actually looks like zombie it’s still not really what I’m looking for. I think that If you take his arm just on it’s own it looks more like a alien arm or something like this.

Zombies vs. Robots (2008) – comic book written by C. Ryall, drawn by Ashley Wood

Story about serious apocalypse. Not only you have invasion of zombies that came to earth from another dimension, in the same time some crazy scientist decided to revive his army of robots  and in the meantime the nuclear catastrophe happened. Wow just wow. I love the way it was drawn, very expressive, messy, leaves a lot of space for the imagination.

The vision of zombie

Because the way in which the comic is drawn I cant really tell much about them.They seem very sharp, quick and brutal. Their skin colours vary from yellow to greyish-greanish shade. Their eyes are completely white. Most of them is covered with blood.

The vision of robots

All the robots are constructed in a similar way. Mainly the corpus is in a bullet like shape, tiny holes for the eyes, short legs, with flat square feet and very heavy duty looking arms with human like hands. They are quick, small, violent and relentless.

In this reference I really like robots arms and hands, they arms are a bit to big for me but hands are exactly how I would like to look like. Also zombies are looking more believable they are dirty, rotten, not that slow and maybe not that stupid either.


I still feel like I need to do more research for both hands. But I’m getting there.




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