Zombie vs Robot project X

Arm conctruction research


d1d21e74605b7e0a2e2c9e26e0cce941530Wbeznazwyrobot arm



The idea is to put the top texture on the inside wall of the pipe polygon and the bottom on the flat wall in the back of the scene.



Piano perspective_zpsdjgdbdck

I’ll try to make the grand piano to look exactly like this one because I relay like this look.



20160511_183451robot arm white20160621_08470320160621_084651

The Idea

Zombie and robot arm are playin one the piano. They start playing together Moonlight Sonata but zombie gets bored, stopps playing his part and instead plays something more ‘live’ then robot getts annoyed and plays something even more depressing. So  they interrupt each other and end up playing both in the same time two different things louder and faster until the piano lid closes on them.

I stil haven’t decided on the right music pieces but I have a list


I am also planning to record the music myself which is going to be right exciting thus I didn’t play on the piano for  a looong time and it’s not simmilar to riding a bike….



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