Zombie vs Robot project X

I have recorded sounds! The are not perfect but stil awesome!

I have recorded all the pieces from the list because I will be able to decide which ones to chose after puting them together.

So after a bit of playing with them I decided to choose:

Both Hands

Moonlight Sonata – L.V.Beethoven

Left Hand

Toccata et fugue – J.S.Bach

In The Hall Of The Mountain King – E.Grieg

Right Hand

The Blue Danube – Johann Strauss

Hungarian Rhapsody – F.Liszt

Rondo Alla Turca – W.A.Mozart

Animating to the sound turned out not to be as terrible as I imagined but its still alot of hastle

The look of arms


Bez tytułuhand



Im sooo pleased with texturing. Now Im just praying it take forever to render…

Programing nurbs to move pieces of the body was a bit tricky but it is sooo useful



Unvrapping this uv map took me like FOREVER. But it was worth it. I had some troubles i mudbox with overlaping faces and random vertecies but I managed to fix it pretty quickly. Painting the arm in mudbox was really easy and I’m glad I found out that you can do this.



Making the zombie arm move was amazing. All tose aiming and orienting nurbs on other nurbs, its still like black magic to me but I hope I will understand what is going on in the end….



I AM SO PROUD OF IT. ITS PERFECT! Well nearly… I wish it had actualy build inside but oh well…

The stage


The stage looks awesome. I minimaly moved the top of the pipe back which made the texture of the seats look like real. AWESOME AWESOME




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