Feature Pitch project XI


The story – I really wanted the story to contain reall places and dates, also want it to contain the value of the slavic folklore. This subject is really wide and I feel like I could have made more research even thought I read so much about it through my life. Even though the story gives us the transformation of the main character from vindictive to simply couragous. There is a field for a little love story. The is los and unexpected kindness, and a monster of course there is a monster, and a princess. So it would seem there is everything a good fairytale needs.

Characters – Anastasia was of course based on real Anastasia which was brave and stubborn but also made everyone laugh.

Ilya’s character was based on the friend from my childhood. He wouldn’t say anything he would just do things, like some sort of good spirit waiting to catch you when you are falling down from the tree.

Raya – she was based on my geat grandmother or more my imagination of her cause I saw here when I was about 3 and I have those glimpses of not even memories but impressions of her. She was a really nice old lady.

Ssanin – the monster was based on always terrible Vladimir Lenin, in the eyes of many seen as a monster or a hero…

I tried to keep the character simple  cause I have tendency to overcomplicating things….

Desings – My attempt was to imitate Ivan Bilibin’s illustrations and I think I got it. It might have looked better if I drawned the character manualy cause I found it hard to give colours this dirty heavy shade, nothing can replace real manual skills. The only thing I have to say about that is.

“Having started out as a drawing animator, Jim Richardson, now a computer animator, told me that when he first switched over to the computer, he found it was like ‘ANIMATING WITH A MICROWAVE’.”

I went a bit over 800 words but I’m sure I would fit it in to a 5 minutes live pitch without a problem.

What to improve: I deffinitely have to work on story telling, I find myself mssing words or being completely lost in the story. Try to analyse characters from different angles to improve the knowledge and understanding of the characters actions. I have to draw even more thought I can se an improvement already. And again time management is my enemy. I am buying myself a calendar for next year.

In the end I would like to watch that film.

I hope you enjoyed the story.


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