Zombie vs Robot project X

I FINISHED IT. AND OMG I AM PROUD. It’s not perfect but come one it’s awesome anyway….

 Let us evaluate a little

Music – because I have the abillity to play the piano I recorded the music myself. I think this was the best solution in order to get it how its needed and so every piece of music didn’t have a different piano sound. I have added some echo to it and reverb to make it sound like it’s in the theatre. Also the other sound I got from http://www.freesound.org

I think that I did a good job with sound and can’t say bad thing about them.

Animation – I really tried make the movement of arms as different as possible. What I found out that in the future I have to think more about how I set up the atributes to control the limbs because really a lot depends on it. What is strange I found it much harder to animate robot arm, I just couldn’t make it more mechanic and precise…. With zombie was much easier but it wouldn’t hurt if it had more lets say random clumsy movement. I have to plan more and better in the future.

Expressing emotions – I tried to use all I could think of to get some emotions from them, but in the end it seems like I’ve ruined everything with the camera….

Camera – it seemed fine on the storyboard, and then it was a one big mess… I was very confused If I deleted some camera angles I had a feeling that the video is boring and If I added more it seemed chaotic…. I’m not sure but I think it’s matter of having a few days breake between animating and fitting the camera. I’ll try it out next time.

Build and textures – I love my arms… All the textures and faces… The look exactly how I wanted and I think they play their role well.

Background – Creating a theatre was one of the best ideas I had. It is so simple. just thre polygons and three textures but It looks so good

Wishes – I wish I added some rubish on the actuall scene to show better that the world is abandoned. I wish the lightning was better but it seemed like it refused to co-operate with me…. I wish I sould make arms move better and that I really chilled out with that camera…

I have to stil work on my organisation…

BUT ITS DONE. It looks kinda cool I think.

Oh oh and I asked for some feedback on “How To Become a Professional Animator” page on facebook and I got one coment but still better than nothing. Here it is.

“You nailed the dramatic buildup with getting ever faster until the climax and then resolve into silence.
There are some things i’d like to point out though.
First: If possible avoid complex camera movements. Just cut if you don’t have a specific reason for moving the camera.
Second: be wary of your colors and contrast in your render. sometimes the dark hand of the zombie has almost no contrast to the black of the piano
Third and more animation specific: I’ll just be bold and say that there are 2 human hands disguised as robot and zombie. They are not very distinct in their movement. For example the zombie could be very loose in its movement, while the robot would be very precise.

That said, I can see how this was a lot of work, and i encourage you to continue studying ;)”

Also I got the answer about my lightning problem which is

“about the lighting problems: My guess is that your textures and materials are too bright or dark to begin with. So on your next project keep the values away from super white/black.
If you really want something to be black, that would be done in postproduction”

but I dont really know how to do that sooo Andy prepare to show me how to do it haha


Maya rendered the whole film in one night, and that’s a big WOW

The film is quite long but it has life in it

I really started understanding the program

Maya didn’t crashed even once on me (that’s a miracle)

I missed the deadline by a few hours…..

I survived the year.


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