Hybrid Animation Research Vol. II

Looking for inspiration I made much more research so here are some other examples of hybrid animation, not necessarily 2D with 3D

The Little Prince

I can easily say that this, is one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen. It’s a stop motion, 2D and 3D hybrid and everything in it is perfect (of course stop motion is sooo beautiful I wouldn’t mind the whole film to be made like that…). Every medium has been selected purposely.

3D symbolises the real life, it’s defined, solid and kept in cold colours.

2D has been used as help with the transition between 3D and stop motion to achieve the smooth conversion.


Stop motion has been chosen to create an imitation of life for the drawings from the book, which I find magnificent. Everything in there is very light, beautiful and kept in worm range of colours. The creation of characters is very faithful to the Saint-Exupery’s watercolour pictures made for the book, which is a key decision since the book is known not only for a story but in big a part for the drawings.

Near the end of the film we can see Little Prince in 3D but he is not a little boy anymore so I guess the part with stop motion also symbolises the inner child which many grown ups lack. And at the very end he is still in 3D but again as a boy – different cause now he’s more responsible and can appreciate things.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Another classic. Very amusing 2D and real live action hybrid movie dicercted by Robert Zemeckis and the mostly important Richard Williams author of “The Animator’s Survival Kit”. It is completely different thing to read the book and look at the pictures in it, than actually see everything moving. In the films humans and toons exist together. Most of the toons works at the animation studio and of course that is logical. It makes me think about the stop motion episode of Gravity Falls where a toon version of Ray Harryhausen (an old school stop motion guy) tells us that the puppets are not moved frame by frame but he uses black magic instead cause he’s not a masochist.

Ray Harryhausen with a few of his creations

The interactions between the mediums in this film are excellent. Of course they are certainly very time consuming but it was deffinitely worth it. Everything was made soo well that at some point we forget it’s not possible and we see everything like it’s absolutely normal thing to cooperate with live cartoon characters on the daily basis. The best way to explain is to use an example. So here it is the magnificent Jessica Rabbit’s pefrofmance.

Another great example of the same type of hybrid film would be

Space Jam

Looking at both of those films I get to the conclusion that this sort of hybrid is really succesfull of course as long as it is well made, and it would be really cool to have a go at making osmething like that one day.

Another plus of those film is that they both have cartoon anthropomorphic bunnies in them and there is a big space for a bunny in the idea shaping in my head so I will have a closer look at them while designing characters for my project.

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