Examples from the brief

Meet the Robinsons

watch from 2:06

The character who definitely deserves some attention is Michael “Goob” Yagooabian – a villain. Goob’s mimicry is just perfect, he is so expresive it made me feel like other characters are just too plain. His body expressions are very meaningful and  his long lanky limbs increase the performence by far, the movement is very theatrical which kind of remind me of Jack Sparrow.

Same goes for the facial expressions, they are really strong and easy to read, of course it wouldn’t happen if not for the way it’s constructed (everything is pronounced what makes it easier to manipulate), also nearly everything on his faces moves to express the feeelings he is going through at the moment.

14 Actors Acting

It’s a collection of short videos with 14 different  actors trying to show us what acting is in just a few gestures and a few props but without dialogue or additional story.

All of the videos have been strapped of the original sound which was replaced by the appropriate music expressing the mood of the piece.Also they have been all recorded in black and white. All this to prevent distraction from the acting.

I find all of the videos very interresting and I think the could prove themselves useful for this project and for the future ones, thus they help us to understand the visualisation of emotions.

I’ve chosen the two videos I liked the most as an example and as it happens they both show two ways of expressing the anger.

This video proves that sometimes less means better. I always knew that Michael Douglas is a great actor but this performance just nailed it. When we hear the word “anger” we normally picture a person shouting, shaking or other simmilar actions (like the next video). Up here we see that it’s not necessary and playing “calm” can make a much bigger impact on the audience. He is very steady, precise and cold. We don’t get the anger on the silver plate we have to wait for him to stop rubbing his fingers and look us straight in the eye. Looking from the psychological point of you I think this is how you make people scared. Works fine for me…

Matt Damon’s anger is just how I expected, very Matty Damony. Dramatic, pronounced. I would even say kind of proud. It’s a typical view on the growing anger. He definitely makes me feel less scared than Douglas but I feel like he could punch me at any moment (Douglas would send someone to take care of me and no one would ever hear of me ever again). He is very snappy and it seems like with every second the anger makes him inflate like a baloon. (But I do think he is making too many turnarounds).

11 Second Club

The 11 Second Club hosts a monthly character animation competition open to everyone. They provide the audio and expect you to animate with it. The winner gets a complete review about his piece of work from the professional animator. Every month the winner provides a great character performence in 2d or 3D.

I find those little videos especially usefull becuse it’s so many of them and they are really good, so you can easily catch some queues to improve your work.

Lets take a look at the few examples

Those videos 3D & 2D used the same audio recording and are made in different mediums. Personally I prefer the 3D version, I think it shows more of the talent and work put in to the piece but it was the 2D that won the competition.


In 3D grandad is very wobbly but also very sharp and ‘alive’ he is basicaly shaking with emotions and determination, when in 2D the goat is more steady but equally disapointed and emotional. The camera is steady and lets us concentrate on the character.


In 3D I think the bigest impact on the audience is making grandads umbrella, they way he waves it, as if he had a machine gun and was prepared to kill someone with it here and now. When in 2D the most important is the face, the snappines of the movement and the determined angry stomp. Of course the movement of the camera is also very important because it shows us the reason fo the goats anger.

Creature Comforts

Creature is a stop motion tv show presenting the series of interviews with animals. We can’t see the interviewer and the animals are talking to the camera which is the audience.

In this particular episode animals are talking about the things they hate. Animals can get really honest which leads to many weird situations – exactly like in the real life.

I’m not the biggest fan of this tv show because I find it kind of boring but it does present a variety of facial expresions and personalities. Also usually  animals are not moving so we can concentrate on the action of their faces and hands.

Summarizing all I’ve seen gives me the confidence that now I do understand how to make my future character perform in the interresting way and what is the most important at it. I start gathering some vague ideas in which direction I’d like to go and what would be most succesfull.

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