I spent 2 weeks researching to catch at least a glimpse of the idea. I had this thought that I would like to animate an anthropomorphic bunny in 3D then transitioning in to 2D. But I couldn’t think of the story. I dug through the whole internet, I saw so many weird things, and then on the sunday evening I got it. First I thought it’s brilliant, then I had doubts if it’s apropriate, in the end I decided to agree that no one will care hahaha…..

Alright then. Going through some videos with lie detector I somehow got to this one

And I just knew it was the one. My 3D bunny will eat some mushrooms and when the trip starts he will change in to 2D bunny and be all crazy.

I thought it would be good to understand how mushroom work and so I found this really useful video

So what have we found out that I could use:


  • visual
  • auditory
  • mystical/insightful feelings

-bad (terryfying and uncontrollable hallucinations) or good trip

-it’s harder to determine fantasy from reality

-planning ahead and self conscious thinking nearly impossible

-thinking outside of the box

-lasts between 3 – 8 hours (can feel long because mashrooms alter the sense of time)


Going with this trail I was trying to remember what things have I seen that contained a trip like that.

Cowboy Bebop

This is a calm version of a mushroom trip.  You can’t really see any special expressions on the characters faces, or any unusual movements. The only way we know something is odd it’s because of the actions they are taking. It’s not good enough for me to base my animation on it but it explains the problem a little.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This particular fragment of the film presents Raoul’s musrhoom trip, which seems to be an absolute nightmare. I’m guessing the reason for it is the absolutely horryfying amount of all sort of drugs he’s been using incessantly through the last year or so… The point is, he’s on the trip, the trip is loathing and thats what I need. Raoul’s facial mimicry is very overexagerated. Other than this he is sweating, his movement one time is very snapy and the other  is very vibrant sort of like a drunk person. He says things that make no sense and obviously feels hemmed.

Family Guy

If we are on the subject of a bad trip, this video is a perfect example. Unfortunately again we cant observe the adequate facial expressions but the Idea of hell and all of the creatures can be useful.

Pikachu on Acid

Even thought Pikachu is on acid instead of musrhooms it doesnt matter thus both things have similar effects. I find this video especially useful, it contains a few cool tricks I might want to use in my animation. Like when Pikachu’s eyes are stretching/dragging/smearing behind him, and him appearing as more than one charater, eyes as “screens” and him being very flexible even being able to take any shape he wants. And again the idea of monsters is quite cool.



“Girl riding the frog” – M. Trusz