The Story

After neverending research I made about hybrid animation and performance it is time for my story. As I said earlier I had a trouble with coming up with the idea worth a while but I finally got it.

My story starts in 3D and it’s about a bunny who like all the bunnies in the world ate something he was not supposed to. The thing he ate was a hallucinogenic mushroom which got him in to trouble. Bunnies name is Mr. Nibbles and we see him sat behind the table in the interrogation room. The other person in ther room is called Jeff and he’s a policeman/detective (we don’t really know which one) who tries to get any usefull informations out of Nibbles. He is  out of the audiences view. Everytime he asks Nibbles if he ate the mushroom bunny denies it. After a while a third person opens the door in to the interrogation room to inform Jeff that his boss is on the phone waiting for him (we also can’t see this). When Jeff leaves the room we start hearing Nibbles thoughts where he admitts that he ate the mushroom and complains that he doesn’t get all the fuss(it seems like he doesn’t realise what type of musrhoom he ate). While this is happening we see 2D objects (like little mushrooms and bubbles) starting to grow on him. When the mushroom trip kicks in he completely transformates in to the 2D bunny and starts seeing things. Everything is very trippy (I’m thinking about deforming bunny just a little). Near the end of the animation we see a door appear on the wall behind Nibbles. When it opens it reveals just a wall of fire which causes bunny to snapp, he jumps in to the air with his skin crawling, screaming that he ate the mushroom and  he just wants this to stop now.


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