It has come the time for me to create my first animatic. It’s not very precise but I belive it’s good enough to help me animate the bunny.

This Animatic is made only for the first part o my animation which will be in 100% made with 3D medium and I will be using Autodesk Maya to do so.

Please don’t mind the sound, I still have to work on it.

The second part of the animation will be in 2D and I will be using TVpaint, thus I want to show my drawing skill, and also I think it’s the best medium for the story telling. Also I feel quite comfortable with the software so it should be fun.

Here is a little piece I made while I was waiting for the rigging tutorial.

I didn’t have the audio recorded when I was making this so I just animated the part which is not really affected by it. Also please don’t mind the beginning and the end.



Script Vol. II & Audio Recording



I’ve mad a little changes in my script, Basically I just got rid of a few things and this is how it looks now


The reason why I decided to cut some moments out because I don’t have as much time left as I expected and they weren’t necesary for the story telling.


Audio Recording

I am really unhappy about the audio which I recorded. I had to use my  and my boyfriend’s voices. I feel like they don’t really fit in there, or more like they don’t fit in to the creation in my head, but I couldn’t find anyone who would be a great match so there was no choice.

Since my boyfriend is not very good at voice acting plus his voice is too deep, I had to be Mr. Nibbles. It was easy for me to record it since I knew what. The only bad thing is that I wanted him to have chilled man’s voice and I don’t sound like a man so I had to change my concept from the regular voice to high pitched little bit chipmunk like. I guess it doesn’t look bad but it’s just not what I wanted.

)I think it would be great if we could have some actors coming over to uni to lend us their voices, or maybe some co-operation with other course?)



Storyboard, Interior and Character Design



Bunny drawn with the black line is 3D and bunny drawn with the red line is 2D. The background is constantly 3D but things appearing after bunny’s transformation are all made in 2D.


In the end I have decided to use Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit song in the backround for the trippy part. I can’t think of the better song for it, there is a rabit and there are mushrooms and all the weird stuff.


Interior of my animation is really simple . We can see 2 plain white walls, a light grey table and a grey chair.

Some references where the inspiration came from

Firstly I was thinking about placing a mirror on the wall behind the bunny, but I decided that it is not necessary for the story telling and it would just make animation more complicated.

The actual interrogation room

Vol. I



Vol. II

I’ve decided to change the colours of the furniture because it was’t visible enough in the rendered image. Also I think it looks a bit more interresting, but I’m still not sure if that’s why I want, so there might be more changes on the way.


Character Design

Mr. Nibbles is an anthropomorphic bunny.Has very simple shaped body with tiny hands, feet, a big head with poofy cheeks and two long pointy ears. I wanted his colours to remind Bugs Bunny (as a little tribute, his shape is similar too), but I also chose them because I wanted people to concentrate on the performance which would be difficult if he had 10 different colours on him. He doesn’t wear clothes, cause this animal world is not as advanced as Zootopia. He is very self-confident. He doesn’t have a real job, likes to hangout with his mates, currently uncapable of having a proper relationship, has a big family and always visits his mother at the weekend. Like all bunnies he has troubles with compulsive claiming of everyon elses properties, chewing and eating of edible and inedible things which gets him in troubles.


Name: Nibbles Lorence

Age: 20

DOB: 18.07.1996

Heigh: 150cm (without ears)

Weight: 37kg

Fur colour: Grey with white tail, belly, whiskers, nose and cheeks. Pink inside of the ears.

Eyes: Cold blue/grey

Fingers: 3 + thumb

Favourite food: banana & peanuts


2D model


3D model

turnaround 3.png

The Construction



I had some troubles with mudbox. As always I had some vertices to fix before I could start but then I just couldn’t paint some stuff how I wanted. I took some pistures of it but unfortunately I can’t find them…. Basicaly I had a big trouble separating white cheeks from the bottom eyelids. Thats why now when bunny is blinkin his bottom eyelids aren’t perfectly smooth grey…





Vol. I

Vol. II

Unfortunately I my first rig caused me many troubles. After I finaly managed to make everything work I was unable to animate it. Even though the frame rate was set to 24fps the playback would play 5fps, which just made it impossible. That’s why I desided to delete the whole thing and redo it.


While I was tying to bind skin to my rig (Both versions of the rig) for some reason I was unable to use Interactive Bind Skin (I would have capsules only for a few bones and the influences were strange)

That’s why I used the Classic Bind Skin. Because of that I had to Paint the skin weights wat turned out to be a nightmare…With the first rig I just couldn’t make the armpits fold properly and the ears didn’t have enough bones in so it looked terrible.. That’s why when I was redoing my rig I decided to add more edge loops. Which made the wholething much easier.

more loops. LOOK AT THE EARS!

Also I had a big trouble with my texture. After I finished using mudbox and imported the texture to maya my model appeared half transparent. Of course Andy helped me fix it, I just had to unlink the transparency in the texture specs.


Driven Keys

I made myself a beautiful face rig controller with assigned blendshapes. Even thought I made quite many of them and I spend a lot of time on them there were still times when I had to go back to the Blend Shape Editor to adjust some things

Blend Shapes

Lipsync shapes

Some other shapes


I think that Nibbles came out to be pretty decent, of cours I’m still a bit away from the perfectly build and rigged character skil but I’m getting there slowly. I hope that I made him advanced enough so I could get a satisfying performence out of him.

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