It has come the time for me to create my first animatic. It’s not very precise but I belive it’s good enough to help me animate the bunny.

This Animatic is made only for the first part o my animation which will be in 100% made with 3D medium and I will be using Autodesk Maya to do so.

Please don’t mind the sound, I still have to work on it.

The second part of the animation will be in 2D and I will be using TVpaint, thus I want to show my drawing skill, and also I think it’s the best medium for the story telling. Also I feel quite comfortable with the software so it should be fun.

Here is a little piece I made while I was waiting for the rigging tutorial.

I didn’t have the audio recorded when I was making this so I just animated the part which is not really affected by it. Also please don’t mind the beginning and the end.


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