Script Vol. III, The Environement, Troubles , Test & And All Else



This is I hope the last version of the srcipt. I decided to cut out the big part from the 2D piece. I have no time to make it all and it is neccesary. Even though the story still is understandable so I hope it won’t affect the result.

The Environement


After long thinking I decided to make the room white and also get rid of any shadows. I made this decision because it would be too difficult to finish the 2D animation with shadows.


I had a little troubl wehile animating of which I forgotten.. Somehow right top whisker assigned himself to all of the face controllers. If you move eye lid/brow/cheek down, whisker goes down with it. I did check Blend shapes and while I was moving face controllers and whisker was moving with them, the zip in the Blend shape window was still. I didn’t manage to fix this problem. So you might notice it in the animation or not. Also I kept coming back in to the Blend shape window while animating to adjust some things, but that’s not really a trouble.

I found it difficult to animate the part when Nibbles doesn’t speak. I recorded some video references of myself (not gonna share, no way) in order to make it easier but still it was tricky. There was a lot of things I wanted him to do but he just wasn’t build to do it or I didn’t know how to animate it. I was stuck. I didn’t want him repeat the movements he already did but everything seemed boring. Also there was many things which I tried to animate but they looked awful… But in the end I somehow managed to do it.


Okay so I have my test 3D animation in here, and I asked everyone what they think about it. Everyone said one thing, EARS – they’re not moving. I do agree with this so I’m going to try and give them more life and let’s hope it will look better. (btw everyone loves the cheek going up YAY).

Everything else

The title – I have decided on the title It will be “Mr. L. Nibbles – Guilty”, I have chosen this titlebecause I wanted the audience to know straight away what is happening in the naimation. Also he is guilty and everyone will know about that.

REC – I am planing on adding the REC with the red dot and a frame around the edges, because from the beginning the idea was that the camera through which we see is the camera in the interrogation room. In order to make it more obvious I thought of the frame.

The start – video will start with the picture of the police files with L. Nibbles- Guilty written on it. Then there will be a sound of an old camera shutter closing which will lead to the next picture of Nibbles mugshot, then another shutter sound and the video starts.


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