Soo… I finished my project on friday a few minutes before 5p.m. Now it’s Sunday 3.30p.m. and I still didn’t submit it. Why? Oh well because I can’t export it from Adobe Premiere. I tried everything…


  1. I tried to change settings.
  2. I redid the whole thing.
  3. I tried to export sound and the video sepparately to find out which one is causing the problem. It wasn’t the sound.
  4. Then I exported images made in TVpain which were fine.
  5. It turned out that the problem was caused by frames exported from  Autodesk Maya.
  6. I exported half of them and it worked. Then I tried the other half and I got UNKNOWN ERROR again…(I don’t understand…)
  7. I tired to find which freames in the 2nd half were faulty. I failed. BTW every exporting takes around 20-30 minutes…
  8. Decided to re-save 2nd part with Photoshop’s”Automate”. It took about 2 hours…
  9. I went back to Premiere and replaced Maya files with Photoshop’s files.
  10. Everything seemed okay
  11. Exported it.
  12. Tried to play it. Video is glitching, in some places the sound is out.
  13. Decided to try to use After Effects.
  14. I’ve written down all the timing from premiere to make it quicker (this is hard to understand to everyone except me but it was like 5 in the morning…)premiere-setup
  15. Set everything up. But it turns out that even though I set frame rate to 24fps the video plays much faster than on 25fps in Premiere. (Video should be around 1 minute 40 seconds long when in After Effects is around 1 minute 15 seconds….)
  16. I know that after exporting it from After Effects I can stick it in to Premier and just slow it down to synchronise it with the sound, but how can I know that after hours of working on it when I slow it down all movement and transitions will look okay?
  17. Once again I decide to try one more time with Premiere. This time I’ll re-save all of the frames from Autodesk Maya. And let’s hope it will work…


Deadline was on Friday. I really hope that this whole situation explains why I didn’t submit my work on time and it proves that I wasn’t being lazy. (Honestly I was very happy with myself when I first set it up to export, I was so proud for making it on time…)

Don’t count your chickens until they’re hatched.



Anon, (2016). [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Dec. 2016].


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