As a first thing I’d like to say that I think, the animation would be better of without the 2D part. Since I didn’t have enough time to work on it, and I had to cut out a few pieces, now it doesn’t clearly explain what’s happening. I mean maybe it doesn’t matter to audience becuse they don’t know the initial idea of the whole animation. Let’s then agree that everything is fine as long as you don’t have any expectations towards it.

Also I’d like to notice that during this project I was mainly trying to develop my 3D skills cause this is something I still don’t feel very comfortable with (but I do know that I can do better 2D).


The main task for this project was showing that I know how to make my character lie and make it obvious. Looking at this aspect I’m pretty confident that I’ve done a good job, on the beginning I planned much more eye movements but when I tried them it was too mcuh (example, when Nibbles get’s up saying “I didn’t do it” I wanted his eyes to move left and right, but it didn’t look natural, so I just left it straight and decided not to add any blinking in order do intensify the moment).

Acting in total – in my opinion is pretty good and I’ll happily use it in my animation showreel, but I think I’ll stop making characters with ears for a little while cause this was really a pain… Even though I knew how the ears should move it was really hard to make it that way (the hardest part wa when Nibbles gets up saying “I didn’t do it” it doens’t look very good). I do realise that they are not perfect, but I’m still learning.


As for the leve of skill I have in building and rigging in Maya I find it very satisfying. Though I still have to find a better way for construction and rigging the ears (if you look at them closely you can see they are not very smooth while bending also the movement where ears attach to the head is really limited). I also think that I got the Blend shapes right – now I feel more comfortable with them I think the next project will have even better performance (I kinda like making them, on the other hand I don’t think I’m the biggest fan of rigging….).

Sound – its okay. Not amazing but okay. But as I said in one of the previous posts I’m not a  voice actor nor I know any, so If it’s not amazing please don’t mind it.
All the voices are recorded by me, and most of the additional sounds I got from and the song is Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit (still think it’s a good choice)

Script – my script gotten shorter 3 times. First thing happened just because I decided that some things weren’t necessary or had to be adjusted to the animation. 3rd one happened because of the lack of time and it only includes the 2D part. The decision was unavoidable, but even thought I think it harmed the piece a little bit, if you don’t know about it, it’s not noticable at all.

Post production – since I wanted my Arnold lights not to cast any shadows when I tired to export Ambiend Occlusion shadows all I got was a really dull dark effect, so I decided not to use them at all especially that I was trying to go with bright sterile environement.

Putting everything together was easy, what was not easy was fighting with Adobe Premiere to export the video… (look at the previous posts from today and the day before).

The audience and feedback – video was widely liked. With which I am pleased. Of course there were a few comments about the ears when Nibbles gets up but I already knew about that, and then there were a few comments saying that they would like to see more 2D (and that they actually REALLY LIKED 2D) but other than this people said that they like Nibbles, they know what sort of character he has and it makes him interresting. But what makes me happy the most is that they would like to see more of him.  Also everyone understood the story and the point of the whole project without me even mentioning it.

Some comments

“It’s really great. I like best the cartoon moment. This little Russian is quivering line. It’s very nice. I would like to see more of your animation. (…) and the rabbit in 3D moves very nicely and you can feel the weight.”

“I love the 2D part!”

“Very cute xD”

“I love how he despise everyone in there, so much hatered!”

Time management and everything else– even thought I ran out of time I personally think that I did well with my time management. Of course looking from far away someone could have said that IT WOULD BE GOOD if I’ve finished a week before the deadline, but it wasn’t my fault and I don’t feel guilty in any way. I worked really hard for this animation and that’s what matters to me. Also I am actually amazed that I’ve managed to finish it at all, with the troubles I’ve come across I also had a few moments when I just wanted to throw everything away, give up and flea the country… I’m glad I didn’t thought.


(I’m gonna go to sleep now…)

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