The Idea

Character Design

I decided to go with those lads.


They were inspired by Kakamora from “Moana”

I decided to go with this design because I had all the Moana art happening in my head lately and it’s not a bunny (if you still haven’t seen Moana, DO IT , cause all this quality of everything is just WOW WOW WOW). Also this project doesn’t require anything specific in the designe (except the twho heads) so I might as well draw what I really want at the moment.

They still don’t have names but I’m working on it.

Some specs:

Sex: male

High: 60cm

Weight: 7kg

Faces: brown wooden masks

Face on the left: sceptic

Face on the right: naive

Body: violet skin

Trousers: red

“Scarf” – purple

Relations: even thought they don’t agree on many things boys don’t have troubles with cooperation. They basicaly never shut up but it really does not affect the motion of the lower body as if it had it’s own will (cause it does).

The story

There is no background for the story, boys are just walking somewhere with the sea in the background .

We walk in right in the middle of the discussion. The naive brother says that animation is a genre and the sceptic one that it is not and the body ocassionaly slaps them. We will see how will it turn out.

Also I decided to write the discussion abouth “is animation a genre” and move the subject “is animation for children”.


I’ve  chosen the names and they are both Polynesian. Left head’s name is Afa which means “hurricane” and the right’s head name is Afu which means “hot”. I’ve chosen those names because they differ only with one letter, and also I think that they suit the characters.

References: (2016). Cite a Website – Cite This For Me. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Dec. 2016].


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