Even though it is an essay I decided to make it short and it is for one main reason. It’s an animation script which means you can’t talk to much about one thing because the audience will get bored. Also I think I’ve placed everything important (in my opinion) in it so there was no need to try to make it longer. I’ve also decided not to make additional drawings since I described everything that is happening (and it’s really simple).

Time management:

Yes I could have made it a little bit longer but, look at all this research.

A week of time for the whole project is a tiny little bit short, I think. But I made it. I’m sure that it would be better if I had more time, but it’s always like this. Anyway I made it in time so that’s good.

Feedback and my opinion:


“Character designs realy fit in to their roles. I really like the BODY part, it’s an unusual and interesting idea. I’d like to see it alive, I imagine it to me quite funny. Also you did convince me that animation is not a genre, you’ve got an ally in me.”

“This problem doesn’t really concern me (but it seems to be a big thing in your world, I did my research) but I do agree with you, animation is not a genre. The text is easy to read. I really like the charaters.”
“I love that the characters are on time with Moana theme. I think they are very fun and would love to watch them move. Keep it going. Good job.”
My opinion:
I am happy with this piece. I really do like my characters and I might actualy try to make them move! I am also in love with my idea of body having it’s own personality. Plus I think that the discusion answers the project question.
And now I really am going to go and do some house cleaning….
References: (2016). Cite a Website – Cite This For Me. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Dec. 2016].

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