Introduction for the piece.

The BODY is walking. Afa & Afu are talking and BODY from time to time reacts to what was said but only with easy hand gestures like: slapping and patting. Afa & Afu do not react to the BODY’s actions (they are so used to it, it would be like breathing to them except they don’t breathe – BODY does). BODY does not stop, BODY has the destination to reach.

is animation a genre png.png

real size here

with background 4.png

just text.png

Just text

BODY is just walking

Afa: So what? Maybe animation is also a genre yeah?!

Afu: Yes, it is

Afa: You’re joking?

Afu: No, animation is for kids

Afa: What do you mean it’s for kids? have you ever seen,  I don’t know… Akira?

Afu: Well yeah, we watched it together? How else would that have happened, genius?
– BODY slaps Afu – And, by the way, that is just one of many. All those that are produced by the big industries are for children; Toy Story, Mulan, Wreck it…

Afa: You can’t base your opinion solely on the big productions from America! What about the rest of the world? And what about short animations? How can you generalise like that?!

Afu: Okay then, look at it this way. Animation is a category of a larger group called filmmaking. It’s a category which can cover all types of genres because it is created outside of the film camera. So, because it is a type of filmmaking, it is automatically a genre just like, for example, an ‘action’ film.

Afa: How the hell are we related? – BODY slaps Afa – Since you already brought up an example, let me use it for an explanation for why are you so, so, soooo wrong. Let’s say that you are watching an action film and there is a scene with a car chase in it, followed by a car crash. Now following your logic, every film which has a car crash in it would automatically be classified as an action film and every film which doesn’t have a car chase in it would not be an action film. See where I’m going with this? You can’t stick everything in to one bag. It’s easier but it’s not correct.

Afu: Of course, you’re right with this but, when you say “animation” people usually think of children’s films & cartoons, so why change it?

Afa: Why?! I’ll tell you why! – BODY is considering slapping Afa –Imagine a person who is in charge of choosing genres for the films on a TV listing. That person, just like you, would stick “animation genre” next to Akira. Then some tired, unaware parent decides to turn a film on for their 4 year old… What do you think is gonna happen after that kid watches Akira?! I would never let a child watch Akira! – BODY pats Afa to calm him down .

Afu: You’re over reacting. I’m sure no one would let their child watch Akira.

Afa: Yeah no one who knows what it is. What about people who don’t have any interest whatsoever in animation?

Afu: Nah that’s not possible, everyone loves animation.

Afa: Okay then what about you, do you think you’re suitable for children to look at?
– BODY wants to slap Afa – Or am I? – BODY changes his mind – Would you allow any kid in the whole universe to look at us?


Afa: Just as I thought. NO. Then please accept the fact that animation is not a genre, it’s a medium which helps to tell a story but it doesn’t define it. Also, please remember to not put everything into one category just because it’s easier, because in the long run, it will just cause chaos.



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