Research Vol. I


To live like cat and dog or maybe to live like bunny and the fox? When you think about mortal enemies this connection is unavoidable. In Zootopia we see many mortal enemies working together but these ones are most precious. In order to save the city from the plague of natural instinct Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde just have to get over the differences. After a long journey of mocking each other and everything going wrong in the end we can see that thieving fox and a tiny cute bunny make a really good team and that’s exactly because they are so different.

I really like the interaction between them two. It really looks logical, it’s not forced. Everything seems very well thought and just looks natural. Also facial expressions are awesome. (btw I really like this film, JUST LOOK AT THE FUUUUURRRRR)


In Tangled we can talk about Flynn Rider and Maximus relation or Flynn and Rapunzel

In the Flynn/Rapunzel relation we have a girl forcing a boy to take her out. Which he has to do if he ever wants to see his treasure again. While on the journey Flynn being mean is awfully trying to convince RRapunzel that she should just get back home but then he realises that he’s kind of tired of being the bad guy and decides to help instead.

In the Flyyn/Maximus relation we have a thieve and a guard dog I mean horse who is trying to catch the villain. They both hate each other, they are both extremely different and yet they come to cooperate in order to save the girls live.


This really wacky animation is a perfect example for a typical family conflict. The obstacle doesn’t really matter, everything is an equally enormous problem for the two characters, Nuclear War = Scrabble game conflict but what annoyes them the most are the weird habits they both have. The strange way of truly overcoming them is just simple dying. How crude


This is a really simple example. Two characters want to paint the world in to their favourite colour.One blue and the other one red. It becomes a real big problem until by accident they realise that together they create something much more interesting a new wonderful purple colour. So they decide to pain the world a new colour together.


With this starting research I realised how useful this project is. Nearly every animated feature is based on team work which changes the relation between characters or just regular teamwork.  It is good to realise that in order to enhance skill of creating interesting stories.


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