I decided to create a story without beginning and real ending. I want it to be like an episode from the series in which every episode continues one main thread story while adding side ones. I think it’s a good idea since I have aspirations for more complex story this time and if I tried to picture the whole story in this one project I wouldn’t have enough time to do so.


Our main characters are: Pearl the girl just an ordinary girl and Kat the cat who has 9 weird heart shaped spots on his back. They are friends. Although Kat is more anthropomorphic than a normal cat no one really notices it(even Pearl) cause he’s just a cat. Everything changes when Pearl goes to sleep, in her dreams Kat is always in there, he can also talk (like a really well educated man) and interact with her as if he was a human.In the world of dreams everything is possible and indeed anything can happen. After Pearl wakes up she can never really remember dreams properly. She’s aware that Kat appears in them, but his human complexion seems to vanish and so does the memory of fighting monsters and everything unusual. She’s just a normal girl who loves her cat. And he’s totally not a normal cat and he is trying to save the girl from all evil which for a secret reason doesn’t want to leave her alone. (I left a really big window for a back story, I’m kind of proud of it)


Pearl and Kat are in a dream. This time dream world is all black. Pearl doesn’t want to do anything and says she is cold. Kat decides it’s time to fix it and takes her to the place where her heart lives. Unfortunately Kat’s fears come true and Pearl’s heart is all frozen by the time they get there. He tells her to create (think of something) something to melt the ice, but she’s to slow as if the ice also froze her brain and the frozen heart evolves in to the monster. Kat in order to give Pearl some time throws himself at the monster while the girl suppose to think of nice things to make the heart move again. But she is thinking about the wrong things. By the time she finally gets it, Kat is really hurt. She thinking about the day she met him and the ice breaks, pieces scattering around. One of them is flying strait at the girl. With the last strength Kat throws himself in front of Pearl and takes the hit. Darkness. Pearl wakes up screaming/crying after a while she suddenly stops because she finally realises that Kat is perfectly fine and asleep in the bottom of the bed. She goes back to sleep. One of the Kat’s heart shaped spots vanishes. He winks in to the camera.


Story of the cat protecting a girl from despicable evil, plus some secret side stories.




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