KAT’s re-rig

My Kat’s rig was wrong. I mean it was totally fine in general it just wasn’t right for what I needed it to do (but at least I had a little more rigging practise).

My 1st rig was made as if he was suppose to move like a person and that is correct but the only 3D scene in which we can see him is Kat sleeping on the bed like a cat, curled up in a ball. And it was impossible to do this with the 1st rig. At first I tried setting up the rig in the closes position to the one needed and then adding blend shapes but it didn’t worked out well (at one point the whole rig refused to cooperate at all….).  That’s when I decided to re-rig the Kat. In order to do that I had to unbind skin and change the build of the model to this one.

Then I partially reused the controllers I made for the previous fig and put the new bones in.

Once more I had to paint the shin weights but it went smooth, and then I had to add a few blend shape adjusting the neck when he twisted his head.

I know it’s not perfect, but it looks fine in the camera, and that’s what matters the most at this point.

I personally think its a GOOD PROBLEM SOLVING.


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