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shot 4, 5 & 6

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shot 9 & 10

shot 14




nCloth is not as scary as they make it.

In this project I found myself in need of using nCloth simulation. I only used nCloth once before and it was just one still shape which I chose from the nCloth simulation and then froze the transformation. This time, I needed the whole simulation and I needed it to go exactly how I wanted.

Setting up nCloth to do what I wanted wasn’t difficult at all. (all thought I had a problem with my cloth not working after I brought it from home to uni, IF YOUR NCLOTH IS ”HALF” INTERACTING WITH THE PASSIVE COLLIDER RIGHT CLICK ON THE TIMELINE AND CHANGE PLAYBACK SPEED TO ”PLAY EVERY FRAME”)  n1

The problems started when the time has come to key the whole thing. I asked internet how to do it and everyone said ”you gotta bake it”, and so I did. And it didn’t work. And so I did again, and I tried deleting the history, freezing, deleting ncloth, everything. It just didn’t work. After hours of digging I came across ”ncaches” and it turned out this was the thing! And just when I thought I’m all done with the nCloth and I decided to farm render the shot, it turned out that this awesome nCloth I made works only on the computer I made it on.Because of this I decided to render it all on this one pc. Unfortunately after 12h I had only 21 frames rendered out and 129 to go… I had to do the whole nCloth thing all over again (what took a surprising short amount of time – about 30 minutes). The advise for the future nCloth explorers DON’T MESS AROUND WITH CACHES.

S 3 RENDER 000000000.0541

The Moon

In one of my 3D shots we have a pleasure seeing what’s behind the bedroom window, where we can see a night sky with a silver moon, which is supposed to be the only source of light in the whole scene (except the pig lamp but this one is there just to show of really). To create the outside window background I used a piece of the pipe and the night sky with moon texture which I found online. Getting closer to the end of my 3D animating it occurred to me that even thought I placed the area light right in front of the moon it doesn’t really looks like the moon is the source.

scene 3 draft 1

I decided to create a sphere, apply aiStandard to it and increase emission (the same thing I did with the pig lamp) unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to make it transparent (so i just had white glowing sphere in the place of the moon ).3

After that I thought about making a mesh light but for some reason I couldn’t make it to work and Andy said that I should try something else because my scene already takes a lot of time to render and mesh light will add much more to it. I ended up creating a sphere, applying moon texture on to it, placing it in front of the moon background and setting a spot light shining on to the new moon sphere. It might not look perfect, but I had no time to play with it any more (I might tweak it in the post production).

S 3 RENDER 000000000.0541

Light Linking

While making test renders I’ve noticed that my characters faces are not lighted up enough. I thought that the environment is set up correctly so I started wondering if there is a way of setting up the light to interact only with the chosen objects. AND THERE IS!

Light linking made my day. Its easy and worth playing with it.

As an example please look at the difference in the colour under the desk, and Kat’s colour in general.


S 3 RENDER 000000000.0541

Last problem> I really don’t know where did these two white and blue dots came from. I don’t have time to try to fix it so ill see if I can do anything about it in post production.


SOME CHANGES & TVPaint Colour & Texture Layer

Debra suggested changing the camera in the first and second 3D scene and I think it looks better now.

In the first scene camera is positioned above earls head but when she gets up it moves further away from her and changes the angle.


And in the second scene I changed the camera angle so now we can see Pearls face better (I think it makes it more readable)


Due to the time I have left I had to change a few more things

I decided to cut out the scene when Pearl is dragged of the screen


and replace it with this one.


I had to do this because both scenes turned out to be too short and the looked very laggy on twos. Therefore there was too much chaos and I got rid of one of them.


I have also resigned of the scene where the heart monster kicks away Kat and I replaced it with the Kat falling . To be true I did this because I didn’t have time to animate the kicking scene. But I believe the story still makes sense.


Next change I made is that I decided to add the things Pearl is thinking about in order to destroy the hear, floating on the screen. I just thought it would make it more interesting since Pearl is very still in this shot and only her eyes are spinning.


The last change I made is deleting piece of dialogue. I decided it isn’t necessary and it makes the scene “drag”.

I deleted the part where Pearl asks Kat where are they going and his reply.


TVPaint Colour & Texture Layer

With a little help from my friend I’ve discovered this amazing thing called CTG Layer.

Colouring the animation with this tool is so unbelievably fast I can’t get over it. Please try it out




This is my first 3D render for this project. It’s the last shot of the video.

I am planning on swap the first slow breathing (which is also very snappy, it’s probably something to do with graph editor) to the faster one at the end, plus I will stretch the moment of the wink (and add breathing to it – at the moment I just stretched one frame  that’s why it’s all froze).




Shot 1

After she opens her eyes 2nd time there is a change of the shot which then goes back to the last ”no”.

Shot 4

This still need a lot of work. I’m getting there.