SOME CHANGES & TVPaint Colour & Texture Layer

Debra suggested changing the camera in the first and second 3D scene and I think it looks better now.

In the first scene camera is positioned above earls head but when she gets up it moves further away from her and changes the angle.


And in the second scene I changed the camera angle so now we can see Pearls face better (I think it makes it more readable)


Due to the time I have left I had to change a few more things

I decided to cut out the scene when Pearl is dragged of the screen


and replace it with this one.


I had to do this because both scenes turned out to be too short and the looked very laggy on twos. Therefore there was too much chaos and I got rid of one of them.


I have also resigned of the scene where the heart monster kicks away Kat and I replaced it with the Kat falling . To be true I did this because I didn’t have time to animate the kicking scene. But I believe the story still makes sense.


Next change I made is that I decided to add the things Pearl is thinking about in order to destroy the hear, floating on the screen. I just thought it would make it more interesting since Pearl is very still in this shot and only her eyes are spinning.


The last change I made is deleting piece of dialogue. I decided it isn’t necessary and it makes the scene “drag”.

I deleted the part where Pearl asks Kat where are they going and his reply.


TVPaint Colour & Texture Layer

With a little help from my friend I’ve discovered this amazing thing called CTG Layer.

Colouring the animation with this tool is so unbelievably fast I can’t get over it. Please try it out


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