I tried to simplify my scene by putting in it only necessary low mesh things, and using simple textures my render time was pretty horrifying. Because the whole scene is pretty dark I had to adjust the Arnold render settings in order to get rid of the grains and so rendering out one frame took from 25 minutes up… Fortunately my 3D part isn’t very long and I had a possibility of farm rendering, otherwise I would be still waiting for it to finish.

Even thought my first render happened about 3 weeks ago I just managed to get it all done on monday. I had to re-render the scenes multiple times for various reasons ex. some things were unnoticeable in the playblast, nCloth refused to do what it supposed to or I accidentally moved the camera in the middle of the shot… Al this was very annoying and easy to fix but took soo much time…


Editing this video took me 3 days in total, 2 days to actually edit it and a day to render it out because I had tons of problems with it (again).

While editing in Adobe Premiere it was easy to put everything in the right order but it was quite a hustle to synchronise audio with the video. While doing it I discovered that there is an option to export your Adobe Premiere scene to Adobe Audition in order to adjust the sounds and then export it back to Adobe Premiere.  Which I find one of my favourite discoveries while this project. HERE is the tutorial on how to do it.

Now lets get to the part why exporting took me a whole day. After I finished putting the stuff together in Adobe Premiere I exported the video with the sound and imported it in to After Effects because I wanted to add the mask like this


When I made it and tried to export the video it would be corrupt, so I tried exporting png’s and importing them to the original scene in Adobe Premiere and replacing old png’s with the new ones. When I tried to export it like this Adobe Premiere came up with an error (I didn’t take a screen shoot and I don’t remember what it said) I had the same thing happening with one of the previous projects so I knew that its because Adobe Premiere doesn’t like the After Effects png’s. I had to use automate>batch in Adobe Photoshop to re-save the 4000 files. And this took a real long time (no idea why really). After all this I exported the video and the sound was corrupt but the 2nd attempt was perfectly fine.


I have also decided not to use ambient occlusion png’s I’ve rendered out since they made the scene look really dark and I found them not necessary.


The Title


This title is just logical. It’s a story about a cat who has nine of his lives drawn on his back and we see him loosing a couple of them.

The Start

I always leave the start title to do after the animation is finished. It just feels natural because at the point you just know what will be the best to introduce the animation because you  can already see the whole picture.

The title is 9 LIVES and it felt pretty obvious that the best thing to do is to have them hearts right next to the title and have one of them vanish or so. In my opinion this also helps to tell the story.



The End

I chose to make a simple ending in the same colours as the start.



Both voices in the video are mine and I used


I didn’t get a proper microphone with it this time and I am not going to do that again. The sound which I recorded has a lot of noise in it and I had troubles getting rid of it, I did what I could…

The rest of the sounds I got from https://www.freesound.org/


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