LIVE BRIEF – project V


After looking at the brief I knew that If I want to make something good in such a short time I will definitely need to work in the group. I joined Maria and Aaron before the briefs were presented. Looking at the commitment and outcome of the previous projects I think we will make a great and efficient team. I also trust we will choose the best brief to fit in to our portfolios as well as the one who will let us grasp the most of the real client experience.


What is really exciting is that clients will actually come to the university to present their briefs to us and after a week each group will have to pitch their idea to their chosen client as well as present the final product after 3 weeks. We had a ‘life brief’ project last year, which was an MRI scan animation but we didn’t have the opportunity to communicate with the client, that’s why this project is soo exciting to me. It is an amazing opportunity to add something that will look professional to my portfolio as well as to make connections with people who might become useful in developing my career as animator.

I can’t wait to hear the briefs!


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