LIVE BRIEF – project V




After many brain storms we change our idea for the story. We decided we don’t have enough time to make the live action video and so we are going to animate in After Effects. This will also make it easier for us to implement their colour pallet and try to create image similar to the one which they present on their webpage (btw we couldn’t see any examples of their work because most of them are TOP SECRET so we base everything on the look of their webpage)

Going through the brief countless times we came out with the most important points we are expected to present in our work

  1. explain what is e-learning
  2. present benefits of e-learning
  3. showcase future technologies bonded with e-learning (vr, ar etc.)
  4. make it interesting (preferably funny)
  5. don’t over-complicate it
  6. think about the audience (engineers, architects etc.)
  7. deliver the message
  8. emphasis important aspects with animation
  9. make sure everything is neat and without spelling mistakes



Our new idea is to make character based animation in which characters will be anthropomorphic hexagons based on the hexagon shape in the BYG Systems logo. We think it is a good idea to bind our animation even more with the company.





HERE is the page which we got from Debra. It contains many short animations with similar character ideas that we are going for. Very interesting, it showcases simple ways of showcasing things as well as simple character builds.

This video is a good reference in the e-learning subject. It is good to see a wide range of different solutions to one problem. This one uses vector animation as we intend too but characters seem lifeless.

This animation has great character designs (we have to remember to give our characters shadows – it gives them more depth) and problem solving/presenting wanted topic. Very simple vector animation. This one is very close to what we would like to achieve.



It is also important is what we can see on the BYG Systems webpage. There really isn’t that much in the but from what we can see they really like vector graphics, everything is very simple, modern, and clear to read. BYG Systems webpage is here .

Hello Kitty, Sarah & Duck, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, Adventure Time

Other good examples of character designs. All are simplistic but very different and still look cool. It will be good to remember them while designing our own characters.



E-learning – using digital technology (tablets, phones, computers etc.) to access educational curriculum anywhere in the world at any time. It also helps to save money and it is time efficient. User can work at it’s own pace which makes it more convenient than regular learning.

HERE is one of the pages which I used to gather information about e-learning. )

Future brings new digital devices which can enhance the learning experience. In the near future virtual reality as well as augmented reality will most likely be the most efficient way to learn. And after that it might be possible to upload knowledge in to our brains like in Matrix (we are planning to have a little gag about this).




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