TOON VS ACTOR – project IV



While thinking and reading all the references for the project I finally got an idea what I’d like to do.

I am planning to write a script about a guy sitting on the sofa in the front room, watching cartoons. After a while the main character of the cartoon will come out of the TV and have a conversation with our guy. I want to make it more interesting, as if it was supposed to be an actual short film for all audiences, in which I will try to educate them but with not a straight forward message. I don’t want it to be a typical educational video, If you know what I mean.


I’ve got a first sketch for the cartoon character. But I still don’t have a name for him


Here are some other sketches I made for this project.

As you can see I tried to make a raccoon but as always I’ve ended up with a cat….

tries cat.png


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