LIVE BRIEF – project V


I would like to say that I am very proud of us, for finishing this project on time  (actually about 3 hours before deadline) and for achieving our goal. Animation looks like we wanted and it really is a great feeling. We have received an email from BYG Systems, they said that they are pleased with our animation (and we are going to see them on Tuesday YAY)


Comparing our animation with the storyboard or animatic you can see that we were well organised and we really did try to follow the plan, the only new part we added was the Matrix “letter” transition it was because the scenes before and after were animated by two different persons and the transition between them weren’t smooth enough, also we thought it makes the Matrix gag stronger. Hopefully looking through our blogs you will be able to tell that we tried hard to follow all the suggestions we got given in order to achieve the best result.

There really isn’t much bad I can tell about our final product. I find all sounds great, editing made by Aaron (with our little help) has great timing and the speed of animation is just right, nothing drags which is great.

We always tried to be on time with everything, even though we didn’t meet BYG’s expectations with the conference call we worked hard to get back on the track. We made sure to stay in close contact with them.

Group work as probably always could be better but we are all still learning soo it was great anyway (just look at the video xD). We managed our roles well, and everyone made sure to do their job right.

Next time we should try to manage our time even better so we could end final to the company early enough to be able to apply any changes if there will be some.




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