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It’s Such a Beautiful Day (2012)

Promoting itself

This film is a great example on how good film can get audience without the whole fancy promotion team behind it. Created by Don Hertzfeldt It’s Such a Beautiful Day basically promoted itself. It had a really short cinema run and right after that you could watch it on the internet, other than this film went to many festivals and it won some stuff. That’s it. The end. Send your films to the festivals. Let known people and critics write about it.

(but if you can afford it, do some promotion as well… )


Some of my opinions come from: 1 and the rest just happened to be in my head…


John Carter (2012)


How to not promote…

Even thought the film was directed by Andrew Stanton who is known for making the box office bomb productions, and even thought Disney gave him a free hand on the creation, film made only $30.6 million in the U.S. over the weekend (making it cost $350 million). Who is here to blame? Mainly – the marketing team. First problem is changing the title from John Carter of Mars to John Carter – marketing team was “worried” that the Mars part will push away the regular Disney movie goers. Doesn’t John Carter just sound boring? Wasn’t this part kind of important in the story? Why did they assume that audience will know who John Carter is? There is really many question marks in here…

Another problem are posters which don’t really show anything. When I saw it I thought to myself “It’s like Tarzan, Planet of the Apes and Mad Max (?) in one? What?”. It really would be good if they showed at least a little bit more.

3rd absolutely no one mentions the fact that the film is based on the book…

And at last, trailers. They are boring (and what’s with the Led Zeppelin music?), and the only message they bring across is – “low story “man” film that’s all about explosions and stuff….”. I thought they were afraid to lose typical Disney audience who is mainly all about love story. There is a love story in the film, why is the trailer missing to show it? In general trailers don’t really explain what to expect and don’t trigger interest, sadly…


Film itself is not that bad. I feel sorry for the crew…


Some of my opinions come from: 1 2 3


Blair Witch Project (1999)

Promoting so creative it’s scary…

Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick’s baby is one of the biggest box office successes that ever happened. Film made with about $60,000 earned nearly $250 million and marketing had a big part in it.

The whole film was surrounded by mystery, because it’s story and clever marketing made people wonder if it really happened. Long before the film release producers created a site (unfortunately the page now contains information about the Blair Witch (2016) film) which featured pictures of the missing actors, the story, police testimonies etc. IMDb listed the actors as “presumed dead”. There were short teasers aired on TV channels claiming the film to be a true story. Film was classified in the found footage genre. There were also “missing person” flyers and posters distributed around the world, and the internet was just taking of so it really was the first film ever to go viral (didn’t even need social media).


the-blair-witch-project-553aaef5e8861 (3).jpg



Some of my opinions come from: 1 2 3


Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, Volume 29 (2009), Issue 4


Unfortunately I was unable to read this… I’ve found it in the library’s online resources but it wouldn’t open…

What is the key to successful promotion?

Here I made list of the things I find important for the successful promotion:

  1. GOOD TITLE – if you wanna catch audiences interest the first thing you need is a catchy, interesting title.
  2. SOMETHING REMARKABLE – try to intrigue the public, find something in the film which would be cool to see in the real life and show it off. People will definitely want to watch your film just to find out what the hell.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA – create a page for your feature on social media and make it fun, if you can offer some extra experience to your audience. Little by little release some interesting facts about the story and other things.
  4. PRE-ROLL AD – Make a 5 second teaser (many pages offers you 5 seconds of advertising time for free), make it really cool and exciting, don’t forget about call to action (send then to the fb page etc.).
  5. THE PRESS – try hard to have someone talk about your production, send it to people who you think would like it but their word also matters in the society (free advertising!).
  6. CREATE INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE FOR THE VIEWERS (outside of the film) – if you can, try to make a game in which your audience could feel like they are part of the world from the film. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it’s just to answer their question where would they fit in the world you created.
  7. ADD IT TO ONLINE FILM DATABASE – if you won’t do it, then who will. It is very important to have your film somewhere in the film database, so people could vote for it. The more people you reach the wider audience it will bring you.
  8. INVOLVE AUDIENCE IN FILM MAKING – Create a competition where the winning party will appear in the feature, or they can meat up with the crew etc. Make it exciting.
  9.  TRAILER IS THE KEY – Good trailer is really the key. Choose your audience and make your trailer interesting for them.
  10. GOOD POSTER – Some people won’t get a chance to look at your trailer and that’s why you need a good poster which will leave the right feeling on the potential audience member.
  11. COOL LOOKING WEBPAGE – More interested people might want to have even bigger connection with the feature and so here is the space for a cool looking webpage. It doesn’t have to be amazing it just has to look good and have a few things where you cant find anywhere.
  12. AUCTION THE FILM PROPS – SELL IT! If you have some props that are cool people will buy it.
  13. BREAK THE BANK WITH MERCHANDISE – another key to success is merchandise. Posters, t-shirts, figures, bags, toys EVERYTHING. If it’s cool, it will sell and it will bring you more fans. It is also a good idea to have special edition items (people go crazy for them).


Some of my opinions come from: 1 2 3


All I have to do now is…


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