FF – 16

3D render progress


SCENE2 Shot 1 – lipsync


SCENE 2 Shot 4 – test render 1 – approved


SCENE 2 Shot 3 – test render 1 – to fix

Camera is moving too much to the left plus The floor texture is gone…..

SCENE 2 Shot 3 – test render 2 – to fix


SCENE 2 Shot 9 – test render 1 – to fix


SCENE 11 Shot 1 – test render 2 – approved


SCENE 2 Shot 2

The render was set up correctly but this is what I found after I came to check it out after the weekend…

SCENE 7 Shot 2



Final render stills

SCENE 1 Shot 1

s1s1 better

SCENE 2 Shot 2S2 Shot 2B0025

SCENE 2 Shot 3S2 Shot 3B0001

SCENE 2 Shot 4

S2 Shot 4B0013

SCENE 4 Shot 1

S4 Shot 1kkkkkkka0155

Scene 11 Shot 1

S11 shot1bbbc0369



FF – 15

3D animating progress

Animating cats is really difficult, especially that my model does not behave how I wanted it to…. Also so far the most difficult thing I had to animate with grandmother is SCENE 2 Shot 8. the head turn keeps jumping and glitching and so far I haven’t managed to smooth it out in the graph editor…

SCENE 2 Shot 6

SCENE 2 Shot 8

SCENE 7 Shot 5


SCENE 11 Shot 3


SCENE 11 Shot 1 – RENDER 1

FF -14



Website update

I have finally decided on updating my website since I am planning on applying to a few places to get a cool internship. I think it looks much better now. It is much simpler and clearer which makes it easier to read.



Show reel

I have also updated my show reel for 2018 and I am glad to say that you can see some improvement in there although there is still a lot to work on


Final film


I am behind, but everyone knew it wont be finished before Easter.

But I should be done with animating in the 1st week of the last term.



My rescuers are doing pretty good although the family got a little bit smaller. I also think that I might be a little bit to nice to them… oh well, in the end they are doing it for free xD


Cat test from the different angle

I’ve noticed that texture of the building is vanishing, must fix that

Lipsync progres

SCENE4 Shot1


SCENE7 Shot 2

In this scene I am forced to render the scene out twice with the same animation but one model has a working facial rig and the other doesn’t so I will have to merge them in the post-production




SCENE7 Shot 3


SCENE7 Shot 6


SCENE11 Shot2


SCENE11 Shot3


Still image for the title sequence. The title will appear where the grandma is.



Animation Draft 1



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FF- 7


Working on the shot list went quite smoothly, I got plenty of feedback from teachers and other students and am happy to say that in my opinion it can’t be better. Everything is clear, understandable and doable.

While working on the shot list I looked at many references about various shots and techniques to get a grip on what’s best for this film.

Wes Anderson in general

Special style of Wes Anderson (I wish my film story was a little bit weirder do I could do similar things but… not this time) appreciation for amazing tracking long shots. And a little inspiration to my Bandera’s scene.


Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

watch from 3:54

This is a great example on how much information you can give without actually doing much.


Harry Potter Saga (2001-2011)

watch from 0:21

Great example showing how change of colour can influence and suggest the outcome of the picture. Also this is a great inspiration for the crane-dolly shot at the end of the Bandera’s scene.

watch from 3:40

Inspiration for the smoke transition from the 2nd to in to the 3rd scene.

Also an inspiration concerning sound blending. I decided to extend one laugh from the end of the shot nr 5 to the beginning of shot nr 6 in the Love scene.

Perfect Blue (1997)

watch from 9:20

Examples of establishing shots for the home environment. It was very useful to see how little things can add to the character.


Empire of the Sun (1987)

Motive of the sun has been an inspiration for the big red sun in the Bandera’s scene.


Song of the Sea (2015)

watch from 2:24

Inspiration for the dream land environment. I will use watercolours and pastel shades to do it as well as simplified designs.



I believe that now I have finally managed to remember the names of various shots and  understand the differences between the 2D and 3D camera angles, for example.




big version here



a colour test for the first scene


Storyboard/animatic for the first scene

FF – 6

I needed a break from the whole script and shot tasks and I have decided to animate a little bit. This is the start/end scene of the flower blooming.

All inspired with “dream” scenes from Tekkonkinkreet (a film which made me want to do animation).

Making dreams and life goals come true. YAY



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