FF – 6

I needed a break from the whole script and shot tasks and I have decided to animate a little bit. This is the start/end scene of the flower blooming.

All inspired with “dream” scenes from Tekkonkinkreet (a film which made me want to do animation).

Making dreams and life goals come true. YAY



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FF – 5



New Script

Last Thursday on my way to the tutorial I had a vision (hahaha), no really. And since I was struggling with the structure of my film I have decided to give it a go. This version is much shorter and it involves my grandmother, her story, me, my mum and my dad. It is like a variation of how the real story recording happened.

I think that the vision was inspired by a student film I have seen a few days earlier, which is also about family and stories. It helped me understand that what I want to achieve the most with my film is the feeling of affinity.

Here is the video, so you can better understand what I mean (I HOPE SO)

It’s a really great piece!





Story Beats



Bullet Points



Now I just have to write down description for all of the shots and then a story board.



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FF – 3

What it’s Really About, The Script & Character Design

What It’s Really About

The story I’ve written down is about family bond, tieds to the land, surprising but not all that unexpected cruelty and kindness of the world, as well as feeling of continuity. When the audience will finish watching the film I want them to feel like the continuity has been disrupt, just like in life; someone took away the book they have been reading and they were really close to the end. I want this to wake up the need to go and ask their family about their life stories or at least go and give them a hug or a  simple phone call. I also want people to realise that most of us does live in better times than our ancestors and we should appreciate it. And at last, life is continuous an it will bloom.

The Script

As I nearly reached the final outcome for my script and so I have decided to share it on the blog.

I have consulted with many people, I’ve received various feedback and I do realise that to some the story might seem to be too long. But I would like to assure you that I have worked really hard on putting it all together and there is nothing left in it that I don’t find necessary. I have spent last 3 days hating my idea and was very close to completely dropping it and thanks to this I had a new look at it and now I am convinced that it can be good and I can really pull this off.

The way the script and the story goes is far from being conventional 3 act structure but this is what I was going for. I don’t really like typical act scenarios because most of the time they are very easy to figure out, and life is not (well except being born, living and dying…). My film is about life of few people and in my opinion it is only fair to not show it in a conventional way. I did my research in the subject and I am still standing with my idea. The story does not follow the scheme and I don’t want it to.

Christopher Vogler –  “The Hero’s Journey”



What I am going to do next is write bullet points for each scene and from there I will try to rewrite the script once again, cleaning up the action and adding the actual plan for shots.

Character Design

At the moment I only have designs for 2 of my characters, but I am happy to say that I am 99% sure they are final. This time my characters are actual humans.

I have decided on fairly simple designs with Ukrainian folk clothes. I also tried to implement in the facial designs some features which I took from real characters.



I decided on the red hair band to make the character stand recognisable as she grows.



Red belt for recognition while the character grows.



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FF – 1

Firstly let me say that I knew what I want my final film to be about since 1st year of the animation course. Film based on my grandmothers memories about our family life (mainly her and her mum). I just didn’t realise how hard it would be…

In order to get on with the project I have written down some of my grandmother’s memories in the chronological order. To set the scene and the circumstances of the story it starts before she is born. I have decided that it would be the best to end it with the birth of my mum and the return of her father from the army. This is the first attempt at the story of my final project.



In 1937, Gruszecki, the head of the school in Kamieniec Podolski (Ukraine) was arrested (for fulfilling the function of a preacher), taken away and eventually executed as an enemy of the nation. His family, who lived in the house attached to the school, had been thrown out without any possibility of taking any belongings with them. The neighbours were scared to help, or even speak to them. They walked through the city hoping for help but everyone had been acting like they weren’t there. Fortunately, at the edge of the city, an old man decided to help them, saying that he has nothing left to lose.

As Raisa’s first husband renounced her for being a daughter of the enemy at the age of 22 she became the head of the family and therefore had to take care of her pregnant mother (Viera), little brother (Vitia) and her own barely year old daughter (Alla). It was impossible for her to find a job and she was suggested to publicly renounce Gruszecki as her father, she refused. The only other option was to get married and take on the new husband’s surname. Her second husband’s name was Piotr Michalowicz Prodius and in 1940 Raisa gave birth to her second daughter Larisa (Lola), my grandmother.


When the Germans were coming to take over the city, nearly everyone was trying to evacuate and so was my family. When they have reached the suburbs it started raining heavily and the idea of running away felt to be not that good of an idea. They had noone and nowhere to go. And so they have decided to go back as they would at least have a roof above their heads and if they will die, so be it.


Pople who decided on staying in the city would hide under the cliff. Among them was my future grandfather with his grandmother. Unfortunately, Szurik realised that he’d left his toy behind and being very ‘brave’ he decided to run back to get it. Germans were shooting at him and his grandmother nearly had a heart attack…


Under the German occupation, Raisa continued working at the hospital. Soldiers didn’t go there because people said that there were patients infected with typhus, so they were scared. * (there was a fragment about burning mounds of bodies because they couldn’t bury them, and the ashes fell down on the city like snow flakes. Children thought it was snow and  went outside and played in it until adults told them to get back home… – I don’t have that recorded)


The whole city was under a night curfew after which noone was allowed to leave the house under any circumstances.


German Soldiers, like most of the soldiers anywhere, took food from everywhere, and so they liked to steal chickens. But to steal one they first had to catch one. They would take a bowl and put it upside down, one side resting on a piece of branch or a stick to which they would attach a string (like in a cartoon), then they would sprinkle some seeds underneath the bowl and wait. When the poor bird got underneath the bowl, they would pull the string and that’s it. They would always put it under their armpit and walk away with the bird still clucking.


One night our house caught fire and it was already late, luckily one of the nicer soldiers has been patroling the area and he allowed people  to leave their houses to help and put the fire down. Another lucky thing is that the water well happened to be in our courtyard (everyone from the area as well as the soldiers would use it).


When German troops were leaving the city in a hurry (russian army was coming) they would run in to a random house, stop at the door and shoot blindly from one side to the other (or until the bullets ended), and then they would leave.

Szurik’s grandma saw a soldier reaching for their house door. She pushed her grandson in to the corner of the kitchen and stood in front of him. Soldier started shooting and his bullets ended not far away from the corner. Then he left.


While still ocupating the city, the German army buried some potatoes in the ground, and after they were gone and the earth unfroze, the citizens were hungry and someone remembered about that. The whole city gathered to dig out the rotten, half black, smelly remains… They would cut the worst stuff off and then wash the rest countless ammount of times until they received some of the grey potato starch. They would mix it with orach plant and fry/dry it in the shape of pancakes. And as a warm drink they made tea out of cherry, raspberry leaves and other flowers and plants.


When the war “ended”, life was still hard. Whole areas around the city were interlaced with trenches and abandoned military equipment. Citizens cleaned it all out in order to plant corn and potatoes but there was still not enough food for everyone. People created organised ‘trips’ in to the nearby areas to exchange goods. Sometimes it happened that the places they would go to had already exchanged with someone else and they had nothing left to swap and so they had to drive further and further. One time they ended up driving deep in to Western Ukraine, in to the mountains. By the time they arrived in the village it was getting dark. They all had to exchange in a big hurry because it was the Bandera territory and they would be coming out of the forest any minute. The way back led through the serpentine like road surrounded by the mountain hills and forests, while driving down their car was shot at, and everyone were trying to lay down flat on it’s floor. Fortunately, everyone survived.

The last thing which Raisa exchanged for a loaf of bread was the last thing she had and she really hope she wouldn’t have to. It was a present from Gruszecki – a gold Swiss watch.


At the time, purchasing shoes was very dificult so Raisa knitted some slippers for the children to wear. After they would play all day wearing them they would stand on the hard ground and stomp hard what created big dusty clouds around them, and they loved it.

One time Lola decided that she wanted to see how flowers bloom, she was sat in the garden, determined to see but she got impatient so that didn’t work out… xD


When Lola attended nursery, her mum was renting out one of their rooms to a student whose name was Lonia. Lola realy like him and he used to take her to the nursery on his way to school. Sometimes Raisa would give Lola some coins for treats and on the corner of the nursery there was alway an old lady selling apples. One time, when she had some coins Lola (age 6) bought one which made her fall very ill with typhoid fever, and ened up being hospitalised. In the room she was in, one of the windows was broken, the hole was stuffed with straw and held with a piece of wood. She spent a long time in there and afterwards as she couldn’t walk and had to learn again.


When she went to the 1st class at school, Viera made her a little bag especially to carry school supplies. But Lola wasnt very keen on studying. She really wanted to write beautifully though, but it didn’t go well… She would take the notebook and start the practice from the top of the page, she would never write more than one sentence because it always ended up being not straight or letters were different sizes, and so she would turn the page and start again… She used the whole notebook very fast and at that time it was really dificult to get one. Then one day, in the middle of the class she just got up and started packing, when the teacher asked what exactly is she doing she said that she has a grandma at home and so she will be going there now.

They let her stay at home one more year.


When Lola finished 7 classes, she wanted to continue education in the direction of languages, but the highschool in the city didn’t offer it. Unfortunately, Raisa couldn’t afford to send her in to a different city, because Alla was already studying out of town. She tried to convince Lola to apply for a course in their city. Lola, offended, dropped everything and decided to go and visit her brother in Minsk (age 15).

When she came back, she found out that they had signed her up fot a geological course at the local school. She got very angry and said she wouldn’t go, but still she wanted to know how did they managed to do it.  Her mum asked Lola’s school friend to stylise herself to look like Lola and take a document photo, then another one went in to the school to pass the entrance exam for her… Lola still had to pass one more test to be accepted and she refused to go and she didn’t. Her mum once again pulled some strings and got her another date. This time to make everyone just leave her alone Lola went to finish the exam badly but even though she stried she still got in…

After the 2nd year, in the summer, Lola and her friends were sitting at the riverbank, sunbathing. There was a group of five boys walking past them and Lola said that she liked the look of one of them. The girls laughed a little but then they all forgot about it. Some time later at the student evening in the theathre (dancing and stuff), she was talking with friends when someone  stood behind her and asked her to dance. When she turned around she saw that same boy, Szurik.


Raisa knew Szurik since he was little and not even once did she think that he would be her future son in law who she had been doing health checks for. Also she ‘didn’t like’ him because, in her opinion, he wasn’t tall enough  hahahha


Lola and Szurik were a couple for about three years, it ‘about’ because they liked to argue alot and then not speak to each other for months.

When they would agree to meet somewhere Lola was always late, like late, late (45minutes or so) and Szurik would always wait for her. This one time when she came to the bus stop they were supposed to meet at, he wasn’t there and she waited for about an hour. Then she saw his friend on the bus wayving at her to get in. He said that Szurik is at the theathre because there is some grudge in there and he went to fight someone. When they got to the theathre Lola asked that guy to tell Szurik to come out. He came out, she slapped him in the face and left. They didn’t speak for half a year….


After finishing school Lola was sent to work near Lviv (Szurik still had a year to go). In the winter, when she was coming home from work, she noticed someone standing in front of her house. That someone had a winter coat on but not very wintery shoes and no hat on his head (because hair must be perfect even in -20), and it was noneother but Szurik. He came to visit, oh and cause he wanted to get married to Lola. But his mum didn’t allow it, she said he should finish school first, and it so happened that Lola agreed with it, so he decided not to talk to his mum for a year. Finally, Lola said that if he won’t talk to her and invite her to the wedding, she will not marry him.

After they got married, Lola got pregnant and Szurik had been taken to the army. He would come visit when he could but when he finally finished, Inna (my mum), was about a year and a half old.


A few photos of the city:


Some pictures of the Ukrainian folk fashion and countryside:



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CHINA – Internship at Creative Power Entertaining in Guangzhou (Canton)

After Summer School I travelled to Guangzhou (Canton) to join one of the biggest Chinese animation company called Creative Power Entertaining where I have spent 2 weeks as an intern. This was a priceless experience, I had a chance to see how does the real big animation company.

The most known feature created by Creative Power Entertainment is cartoon called “Xǐ Yáng Yáng yǔ Huī Tài Láng” in English “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf”. They are very proud of it and you can see the statues in front of the company buildings as well as inside.


Shaun – translator who has been helping me out on the 1st day at the company


Here is few examples of my work from the studio. It is not all I’ve made in there and it is not in good quality because most of the things are not allowed to leave the building (there is no internet, computers do not have usb ports and to enter the company you need to use fingerprint scanner).



I really enjoyed working for Creative Power Entertaining. People in there have been very kind and fun. The office looked exactly how I expected (workstations filled with figures and toys, cool posters everywhere), I was surprised by the nap break (which I am actually digging now), among many other things I have learned how does the cartoon creation process looks like in the big company and I know now how to use Adobe Flash.


A few photos from my leisure time in Guangzhou