LIVE BRIEF – project V


I would like to say that I am very proud of us, for finishing this project on time  (actually about 3 hours before deadline) and for achieving our goal. Animation looks like we wanted and it really is a great feeling. We have received an email from BYG Systems, they said that they are pleased with our animation (and we are going to see them on Tuesday YAY)


Comparing our animation with the storyboard or animatic you can see that we were well organised and we really did try to follow the plan, the only new part we added was the Matrix “letter” transition it was because the scenes before and after were animated by two different persons and the transition between them weren’t smooth enough, also we thought it makes the Matrix gag stronger. Hopefully looking through our blogs you will be able to tell that we tried hard to follow all the suggestions we got given in order to achieve the best result.

There really isn’t much bad I can tell about our final product. I find all sounds great, editing made by Aaron (with our little help) has great timing and the speed of animation is just right, nothing drags which is great.

We always tried to be on time with everything, even though we didn’t meet BYG’s expectations with the conference call we worked hard to get back on the track. We made sure to stay in close contact with them.

Group work as probably always could be better but we are all still learning soo it was great anyway (just look at the video xD). We managed our roles well, and everyone made sure to do their job right.

Next time we should try to manage our time even better so we could end final to the company early enough to be able to apply any changes if there will be some.




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LIVE BRIEF – project V



Our narrator will be Aarons partner who’s voice is just perfect for this type of video (we are so lucky really!) other sound we will get from , we will also make sure to choose the ones without copyrights.

Group Work

To simplify our group work we created a group page on the facebook as well as a group chat and a folder on the dropbox. This way it is really easy to communicate and access files.

I am also quite happy with the way our group works. Of course we had some hard moments but we managed to solve them. The most important thing is that everyone is committed to produce the best product we are capable of.



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LIVE BRIEF – project V


We are nearly finished with our animation just 2 scenes to finish and a few touch ups also BYG suggested that we should speed the pace up and make sure everything has good timing


In the Kung fu part, the perspective change of the red and left grey character(not finished in this animatic) had to be made in Adobe illustrator frame by frame. I have to say it was a little bit challenging, especially the grey one (which I expected to be easier).

LIVE BRIEF – project V




While me and Aaron were working on some changes to the environment of the scenes Maria was creating a rig with Duik plug for After Effects.

I must say that this rig wasn’t a dream tool to animate what we needed but we managed and it doesn’t look that bad (I think)


I forgotten to mention before:


We designed our characters and environment in Adobe Illustrator. We chose it because BYG System’s logo we received was made in it and it is also good in cooperation with After Effects. Vector graphic is generally simple and easy, therefore it seemed to be the best choice.

Character Designs


Changes we made to character seem to be a really good choice. Our characters look cute but not too much, they definitely seem alive, 3 dimensional and more friendly (we made limb shorter and thicker, added white to the eyes and glimpse in them, also they are more simplified no and don’t have assigned sex).





Sorry for the bad quality but I had troubles with internet and i recorded it with my phone just to update my group on the progress.





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LIVE BRIEF – project V



Today we had conference call with BYG on our current progress.

Unfortunately they were concerned with the low amount of animation we had to show, but we explained why (we had troubles with rigging the characters), of course we weren’t trying to excuse ourselves. It is our fault, we just wanted them to know that we weren’t lazy.

They requested more emails informing on our progress to ease their worry that we won’t make it on time.

They also suggested changing “π = 3.14” which appears on the pc screen to a more difficult mathematical problem .

In general they liked what we made. We apologised for the amount we had for them and promised to work harder. From now on we will be informing them on what is each member working as well as sending them our progress and asking for feedback.


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LIVE BRIEF – project V

BYG SYSTEMS feedback

Last Friday me an my group went to the BYG SYSTEMS to pitch our idea for the brief they presented to us 2 weeks ago.

We were all very stressed, expecting to see a big board meeting and having to pitch in all of them. Fortunately this did not have place. We had to only speak with Chris and Matt (same guys who presented the project brief to us), we were allowed to sit down and got offered snacks and drinks.

The presentation went smoothly, although Chris and Matt were very pleased that we brought animatic with us we couldn’t present it because there was a sound problem on the TV which were using (they couldn’t un-mute it)[we left the animatic with them so they could watch it on a different device]. Instead we went through the story board explaining everything and answering questions.

I am really happy to say that Chris and Matt liked our idea. They said that we were very well prepared and we did meet their expectations. Of course they suggested a few minor changes and requested a new story board to be send to them before Wednesday so we could start animate as quickly as possible.

As the last thing we finally received the timetable with which BYG would like us to work with.






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LIVE BRIEF – project V

Script, Character Design, Storyboard & Pitch draft




Character Design




Aaron’s bit

Different version of Aaron’s bit (Maria’s)


Maria’s bit



Alo’s bit



Character design

We have been told that characters seem lifeless. Their long limbs and faces are creepy. Also we heard that it isn’t necessary to assign sex to them. Basically it feels like we didn’t spent much time on designing the character which is true, that’s why we will try to do it again, but better.


Also we still have to polish the script but its looking good so far


Here are some changes and animatic